Hayabusa ML Pro Tips Season 16 Mobile Legends 2020, How To Get More Brutal!

Hayabusa is one of the best Assassin Mobile Legends heroes that you can play. This one hero has the ability to be very agile thanks to the Quad Shadow skill which is able to teleport quickly.

Previously we discussed the hero role mobile legends assasins, namely how to use fanny mobile legends. Now for those of you who want to be better at playing Hayabusa, see here are some tips for playing the following Hayabusa heroes.

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Farming Fast

Not only increasing farming, as Hayabusa you have to farm quickly. Hero one can get a solo laner with a strong 1 vs 1 ability.

So, in order to dominate the game, Hayabusa has to do a lot of farming and do it quickly. Guganak Quad Shadow to move lane into the forest and use the ultimate to clear the lane to make it faster.

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Must Use Blue Buff

Blue buff has a function to speed up cooldown, making mana more efficient and increasing damage as well as exp faster. Therefore, as an assassin hero, Hayabusa must use this buff.

The use of buffs can help Hayabusa to have a level above other heroes, besides this, it will be more energy efficient thanks to the buff. Give red buff to marksman and only take blue buff.

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Take advantage of the Quad Shadow Skill

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Now for those of you who use this one hero, often use the 2 Quad Shadow skill. This skiill can be used to approach enemies or avoid them.

Quad Shadow is a unique skill, and allows you to move like ninja in general. This skill is very annoying as well as multi-functional. Therefore, use Quad Shadow as often as possible to overwhelm your opponent.

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Pay attention to the use of emblems and battle spells

For the Hayabusa hero, you can use the Custom Assassin Emblem with the Bounty Hunter talent.

This talent has a function to add 80 Gold every time you kill an enemy hero with a maximum amount of 1200 gold.

As for the battle spell itself, you can use Retribution to quickly do farming.

Use the Hayabusa Combo Skill

When in battle, Hayabusa is the type of hero who must kill enemies without a sound. Like a ninja. This one hero has a quick kill without being noticed.

Therefore, you can use hero combos with fast timing. Haya’s combo skill can use 2 Quad Sadow skills to get close to the enemy and use ultimate skill 1 and skill 2 to come back again at a long distance.

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Use timing Skill 2 again to approach the enemy, and launch skill 1 and ultimate attacks and then skill 2 afterwards so that Hayabusa can immediately leave after killing.

Those are the tips on how to use Hayabusa in Mobile Legends, hopefully the method above can make you understand how to play well, and continue to practice finger movements quickly so that Hayabusa is even more agile.