Four Meta Often Used Season 18 Mobile Legends (ML)

Towards the end of the season in Mobile Legends it would be nice for us to review a few metas that are very popular and widely played in Season 18 of Mobile Legends. Surely one of the following four metas is your favorite meta for doing push rank in Mobile Legends.

Quite a lot of meta is present in Mobile Legends, not only meta heroes, meta strategies are also often carried out, such as meta 2 cores, meta 2 tanks, meta hypercarry and many others. Of course, the more meta, the more your winning percentage in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a review regarding meta that is often used in Season 18 in the Mobile Legends game based on my playing experience. Surely the following meta lines are the best you can play to get the highest possible rank in Mobile Legends. What are the meta, see the full review.

4 Meta Often Used In Season 18 of Mobile Legends

Meta Hyper Carry

Meta Hyper Carry mobile legends are still a mainstay for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers, which meta one has fast gameplay and focuses on just one hero. You are able to increase rank quickly and get as many points as possible. This method is also very effective for catching top global in Mobile Legends.

Meta 2 Core

Meta 2 Core ML itself became popular for the first time at the end of the regular round of MPL ID Season 6. At that time RRQ Hoshi, who was the champion of MPL ID Season 6, played meta 2 cores which until now has been increasingly played by Mobile Legends gamers. Of course, this 2 core meta has a different task, the first core to be placed in the gold lane and the second core to focus on teamfight. Each usually uses a buff or one of them.

Meta Jungler

The Meta Jungler mobilel egends was first suggested by Moonton in the latest update patch on Mobile Legends, which meta one is actually quite similar to Hyper Carry, but the task is slightly different. This meta is often played by hero Karina as her jungler and has proven to be effective in winning matches in Mobile Legends

If you can’t play jungler, then pay attention to tips without junglers when playing mobile legends later. With these tips, you can win even if you don’t understand meta jungler.

Meta 1-2-2

The last meta is Meta 1-2-2 which is now active again. This meta is an old meta that has been forgotten. But in the latest Mobile Legends patch, this meta has undergone many changes, especially with the newest laning system. Usually there are two core heroes that are played, the first is the midlaner used by the assassin hero and the second core is the marksman which is located on the exp lane to get the red buff. Surely the 1-2-2 meta itself is very effective in getting the highest rank in Mobile Legends.

So that’s a review regarding the latest meta that has been played the most during the two months of Season 18 in Mobile Legends at this time. Which is this latest meta that is widely liked and popular, especially for those who are push rank activists in Mobile Legends.