How to Play New Meta Karina Jungler in Mobile Legends (ML)

After the latest patch update yesterday, a new meta named Jungler was born in Mobile Legends, this meta is said to be a meta replacement for Hyper Carry, after a few days of playing, a new meta of Karina Jungler was born in Mobile Legends.

Karina is indeed a very suitable hero for Jungler reasons, where this one hero has excellent skills in farming, rotation speed, good immunity and even high damage. At the start of season 6, Hero Karina is one of the meta heroes to watch out for, now here are some ways to play Karina Jungler’s new meta in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, how to play the new meta hero Karina Jungler in Mobile Legends. By using this method, hopefully it will make you even better at playing Mobile Legends, especially on the latest patch yesterday. Then what is the way? Here we explain in detail about the gameplay.

How to Play the New Meta Karina Jungler in Mobile Legends

Use the Custom Mage Emblem

First you can use the Jungle emblem or Mage Emblem, use the font on the movement speed so Karina can roam fast, for her own talents you can use whatever talent you want.

Use Retribution

Next, as a jungler, of course you have to use the Retribution item as Karina’s mainstay battle spell. Retribution itself has many advantages such as it can help you do farming, slow down your opponents and others. This battle spell is mandatory for you to use.

Go to Jungler Lane

As a jungler, of course you have to focus on doing farming, but you still have to participate in every teamfight. First you can take two buffs and then rotate. Remember, make sure that both buffs are used by Karina so that she can beat the enemy quickly.

Farming as much as possible

Karina ML’s next new meta tip is to do farming as much as possible to get exp and even higher levels. The more you farm, the stronger Karina will be. In addition, don’t forget to roam to help midlaners and other offlaners. You can use excellent ganking skills.

Ganking And Get Killed

Next Karina can do very well with her movement speed ability. This one hero also has a combol skill that is deadly and can easily get a kill.

When using the ultimate in meta Karina ml, make sure that the opponent has about 30% HP so you can spam the ultimate skill and slaughter the enemy quickly. So that way you can play Karina very efficiently.

So that’s how to play Karina Jungler’s new meta in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this review will be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest information about the Mobile Legends game and other interesting news. Stay Tune!