How to Adapt the Latest Free Fire Beginners So as not to Decrease in the FF Rank

When you are bored during the current pandemic, of course, you are definitely looking for entertainment, it will be done by many people now. Because by doing this, surely free time during this pandemic will become more exciting, for example playing games. So, for example, if you want to try an exciting game, try playing the Free Fire game now. This time there is a new Free Fire beginner’s way to prevent your FF Rank from dropping that you should know.

This is because the Free Fire game already has quite a lot of total players. So of course all of you will meet, with a variety of interesting players right now. If you want to compete, try to choose the Best Free Fire Character who is Meta now.

If you use a character or a combination of character skills, surely you will find it easier to win the match later. When preparing to play Rank in this game, you must pay attention to the current Free Fire Push Rank Character Combinations.

So that later when playing in this mode, it can be easier and have no difficulty at all. If you are still a beginner and playing at the beginning of the Latest June Update, make sure to always use safe play methods first.

But don’t worry if, for example, you are still having trouble playing on this new Free Fire patch. Because we will help you, so it can be easier to adapt to the current new developments in Free Fire.

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Tips for Adapting to New Players in Free Fire Now

  1. Use Meta Characters

The DJ Alok FF character is used by a pro player, why?

When there are new characters in the Free Fire game, surely a change in meta play is one of the things that comes up. Where will your flow while playing this game, will definitely change drastically. Especially for you new players.

For now, those of you who are new to playing the Free Fire game, try to do a Top Up. Because there is a Free Wolfrahh Character Top Up event so that by doing so, you can immediately use this Meta character when you want to compete later.

  1. Avoid Overplaying Rush

Playing the Rush method is indeed one type of play that many players rely on. Because you guys here will really suppress the enemy’s defenses, so that he can also experience errors and be surprised when in Rush.

By playing like this, surely you will find it easier to kill enemies later. But don’t overdo it and if it’s not smooth, it’s better not to rush first. Because currently the Meta Rush is on the way down. Especially if you are Rush, don’t use Shotgun or SMG.

  1. Avoid Running In Open Areas

Furthermore, if for example you want to move places by running, of course you have to be able to avoid areas that are quite open. Because if you do this, surely later you can become the target or the food of the Snipers.

This is because the Sniper rifle type weapon, it is very easy to give hits to enemies who are running in open areas. Therefore, avoid running, in areas like this for the next.

  1. Use Vehicles

If you want to be safe when moving places, just try to use a vehicle. Because that way you will be safer, and it is very difficult to be killed by the enemy later, because you yourself will be using a fast vehicle.

Each vehicle in the Free Fire game will be randomly scattered on the map, so all of you can choose one of these vehicles. To be used in moving places later.

The meta in the Free Fire game forces us, all new players, to play with adaptations now. Because later we will find it easier, to compete and defeat the enemy in the match.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.