Why is Free Fire Popular and Popular in Indonesia?

Garena free fire is a battle royale game that gamers really enjoy. The proof, this game was able to become the most downloaded game on the play store at that time. This game is popular and popular both domestically and abroad. Then, why is Free Fire so popular and popular in Indonesia?

Garena free fire game itself was booming due to the battle royale genre game which was very much in demand by players at that time. What’s more, this game is a game that you can enjoy with your friends. This makes free fire players loyal to the Garena free fire game.

Garena free fire in Indonesia itself is very well known to everyone. Free fire players are usually teenagers who like to play games. In addition, the professional esports team from Indonesia itself managed to win the international esports tournament trophy which was held this year.

Why is Free Fire so popular and popular in Indonesia?

The first thing that is a strong reason Garena free fire is favored by free fire players in Indonesia is the gameplay that is not too complicated. Usually, in a battle royale game there are several features that can make it difficult for players. While in the Garena free fire game, the settings are not too complicated and you can play the game directly without having to read the manual.

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Furthermore, the reason why Free Fire is popular and games free fire are favored by gamers because it has various free fire characters. You can see the free fire shop display where there will be lots of free fire characters who are ready to accompany you while fighting in battle. Free fire players can also see that each character has their own unique abilities which are used according to the conditions.

In addition, free fire players can also do free fire battles with your friends. In a free fire game, one of the modes that you really enjoy doing is squad mode. in this mode the free fire players have several friends who protect you in battle. In addition, there is also a Duo game mode where you can play alone with your friends.

Can Play With Squad And Low Specs!

Many free fire players play with their friends. This makes free fire players feel at home playing this game made by Garena Free Fire. Then, Garena also often holds a events that require a squad to complete its mission. So, that’s the reason why Free Fire is popular because players don’t get bored quickly. Because, they play with their friends

And the reason why Free Fire is popular, the last of all, the Garena Free Fire game is so light that it can run on all types of low-end smartphones. The Garena free fire game itself can be run well on 1.5 GB smartphone RAM only. This makes Garena free fire playable by anyone.

What’s more, the capacity required for the installation of this game is not that big. Make Garena free fire play even on potato smartphones !. So, Garena free fire is a game that can be played by people from anywhere.

That’s what makes free fire games popular with gamers. Has low specifications, interesting events, unique characters, and most importantly can play with your friends. Greetings, Booyah! Don’t forget to follow my esports on Instagram