How to Save Internet Quota So As Not to Be Wasteful

The internet is currently a bridge that connects all human activities. With the internet, everything can be accessed from work activities, watching entertainment content, studying, downloading applications to finding food recipes, all of which can be obtained thanks to the internet.

In Indonesia itself, the internet is of course also a breath for the community. However, often many users use the internet lavishly. so they don’t realize that the internet quota they are using is running out.

Then, how do you save your internet quota so that the internet quota suddenly runs out and you are confused about not being able to do anything else? Here are some ways you can do it!

Enable Data Usage Alerts

This feature is actually very important for those of you who use internet quota. Unfortunately, smartphone users often don’t realize that this feature is very useful, especially for those who rely on internet in the form of quotas.

With the data usage warning, at least you can put the brakes on doing something on the internet. In addition, a data usage warning will also find out how much internet quota you have spent in a certain time.

Find out what applications are consuming a lot of internet quota

Usually, those who are never economical in using quotas always do not realize that there are applications that suck up their quota. If you want your internet quota not to run out quickly, of course these applications should be avoided.

Call it Instagram or YouTube. Not without reason, these two applications have a video format which of course sucks up quota quickly. Therefore, try to reduce the use of applications that consume a lot of quota.

Change Application Update Settings

Sometimes, you must be annoyed with applications that suddenly update and you only know about it after the application updates. Therefore, try changing the settings on the Play Store.

By only doing automatic updates when connected to WiFi, this will have a lot of effect on your internet quota. Now, your quota will not be leaked with a change in update settings.

Use the Data Saver Feature on the Browser

Some web browsers like Chrome now have an excellent feature, namely the data saver. As the name suggests, data saver serves to save your quota that must be spent on things that were not important before.

Of course, for those of you who often use a web browser to support activities, it is very suitable to use this feature later.

So here are various ways that you can use to save your internet quota. What needs to be considered is that you must be aware of the amount of quota that you spend every day to make calculations easier.