7 Hardest LoL Wild Rift Mobile Champions From League Of Legends 2020 (Prediction)

The Wild Rift which is rumored to be coming soon will certainly have a large selection of mobile lol champs to choose from. These Champions will be similar or even the same as from their original game League of Champions. For some players who are not familiar with LoL, they will certainly find it difficult to have a hero.

By giving a little idea about these hardest champions you might be able to use it as a reference. Whether it’s as learning capital or to be avoided being picked because they are champions who are not suitable for beginners to play.

Here we will provide the 7 hardest champions who will be a problem if played without basic knowledge of LoL in Wild Rift.


Out of all the champions Lee Sin is probably the most difficult to use. The reason is because he has 7 active skills and 1 passive! Lee Sin’s skill is actually the same as the others but he will get additional skills if his basic skill hits the target, except for his ult which is only one.


Kalista is a marksman that is very deadly if used properly and is often a burden because it is quite difficult. Kalista is a deadly marksman reap because he has a passive which is useful for auto attack, poke skill, observer, burst, and ulti which are a bit complicated to use if you don’t understand.


Cass is a somewhat strange champion because he can’t buy shoes, but every time he increases he will get an additional permanent MVSPD. Cass is a deadly champ mage because he has high damage and poison. Apart from that Cass has a very strong CC too. Very agile and deadly.


Katarina is one of the hardest champ assassins to play because it demands high micro skills. If played correctly Katarina has a very difficult combo and requires a good position, but she has a high burst and mobility. By utilizing her passivity, Katarina is greatly feared by many people.


Azir is a very deadly mage because with himself Azir can enliven the map. Azir has minions that can be summoned and launch combos. It’s very complicated to use because you have to pay attention to minions, cooldowns, combos, and perfect positions.


Yasuo is a critical machine that is very deadly and quite difficult to use. As a melee champ Yasuo had to be very aggressive. But he has many sustain tools such as anti-projectiles and shields. Having a high burst and also deadly dash mobility, Yasuo is a tough champ at the master.


Riven is a champion who is not really that difficult but you have to memorize it muscle memory. Riven has a very strong combo in each of her skills and also high damage thanks to the passive and ultimate selfbuff. Very strong even against many champions at once.

Those are the 7 hardest champions who might come to the Wild Rift. You need to note that some of these champions are old champions in LoL which means there will be a high chance of coming to the Wild Rift shortly or even in the base game.