Latest Epic ML Karrie Skin, Hero So Cool Mobile Legends

Moonton recently released a new Skin Leak that will be coming this February. Moonton will present a new Skin for Hero Karrie, this latest Skin of hers will be used as the Latest Epic ML Karrie Skin, Hero So Cool Mobile Legends

Not inferior to the previous Epic Skin, Karrie’s newest Epic Skin is not obtained with a Lucky Box but only by paying 899 Diamonds.

You can get this Skin without fear of missing it, because of Epic Skin new hero This Karrie will be available in the Shop like any other Epic Skin. For this skin it is called the Gill Girl. The skin has a unique Underwater Theme and looks more like a Sea Monster Skin.

Maybe Karrie players who are bored with the old Epic Skin will be interested in this new Skin.

On this occasion, we will give some little previews about the new Karrie skin.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Latest Epic ML Karrie Skin, Hero So Cool Mobile Legends

The newest Epic ML Karrie skin was previously thought to be obtained by purchase using a Lucky Bo. But all of that turned out to be wrong and many players felt relieved to hear it. This skin will be available in the Shop for 899 Diamonds, and you will get a 30% discount for the first week.

The latest Karrie Epic Mobile Legends skin has an appearance with long hair from head to toe. Besides that, there is also a fish fin on her body and Karrie looks more like a mermaid in the ocean.

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Apart from that, the entire body of this skin is covered with a shiny blue and white scales so it is very similar to a sea monster. At the feet, there is a membrane for swimming in the water deeper and faster.

Not only that, Karrie’s weapon which was a Shuriken turned into a rotating Gold color.

Skill 1 Skin Epic ML Karrie

The Skill effect of the Karrie Skin also underwent a very cool and wonderful change. In just the basic attack, Karrie takes out a Gold Shuriken equipped with the Water Effect.

Then for his Skill 1, Karrie will spawn a Shuriken in a large size with a Gold color. Besides that, the effect of this skill raises a very good Water Wave.

Skill 2 Latest Epic ML Karrie Skin

His 2nd skill will dash in the specified direction, therefore Karrie is a quite agile Marksman. When you activate the Latest Epic ML Karrie Skin skill 2, at the same time a Blue Bubble will appear in front of him.

Ultimate Karrie Gili Grill New Skin

The ultimate effect of this newest Karrie ML Epic Skin will make Karrie covered in a Giant Bubble, after which it increases her Attack Speed.

This Ultimate effect will make the basic attack change too, from the initial gold color to blue which is very nice.

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So that’s a little explanation and a preview of the new Karrie Mobile Legends skin that will be coming. How are you Karrie users ?. Have you prepared money to buy this Epic Skin ?. Surely you are ready, right?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.


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