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Recently, Mobile Legends released a new hero named Mathilda. It turned out that he was given free of charge, from the previous event. This one hero turns out to have a unique way of playing. Here we will discuss hero support in Mobile Legends. Because, is it possible that Mathilda Will Return Support in Mobile Legends ?, to return to glory again. This is because buffer support is not much in mobile legends, and it is very underated.

Mathilda is a Support Buffer hero, who can provide shields and various buffs such as movement speed. He can provide various buffs such as shield and movement speed, making him a strong buffer support hero.

Besides having buff skills, Mathilda also has damage skills, which can be used to give pokes to enemies. The damage skill can be used to push the enemy, so you can also give a little CC to the enemy.

Apart from having strong support skills, he also has strong damage skills. As support, Mathilda is currently very strong to use. It would be very difficult against a team with Mathilda in it, because she has a complete skill set.

Mathilda Will Return Support in Mobile Legends?

Hero support on mobile legends has many types. There are those who can provide heal, provide CC damage, heal, there are also those who can give buffs. Hero support like this has many heroes. However, not many of them were in the upper tier and were widely used.

Because, hero support like this requires a good team to play, especially heal and buff support. They are very difficult to play solo, because they need help from the team.

Unlike tank and CC heroes who have durability and can help the team well, hero support buffs and heal are difficult to play. Because, heroes like that are very easy to be countered by enemy heroes.

The arrival of Mathilda to Mobile Legends might restore the glory of the hero support buffer. Besides being able to provide buffs, Mathilda is a very strong harass hero in attacking enemies.

Why is support less Used?

There are many reasons why support is rarely in demand. Support is a hero who has the most important task, but not too obvious. Because, he was not prioritized to take kills. In fact, many players see more kills than assists.

Damage support is also not as big as ADC heroes and even fighters in Mobile Legends. It will be difficult to attack enemies when using support, so you need a good team to help each other.

However, it seems that there is potential for this new hero. Mathilda has strong skills to be able to help the team become support. Besides being able to provide buffs, he can also interfere with the enemy team in attacking.

He also has skills that can help him survive when an enemy is attacked. Mathilda is a support hero who has a complete skill set, and is quite easy to use as support.

That’s info about Mathilda Will Return Support in Mobile Legends. Hero support is very important on the team. With Mathilda on the team as support, you will find it easier to attack enemies. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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