5 Bane Mobile Legends (ML) Teamfight Strategies

Bane is one of the fighter heroes in Mobile Legends who is suitable for teamfigh. Bane himself has attack skills with a far enough attack range, he also has skills for healing and increasing his movement speed. We will review the teamfigh strategy of Bane Mobile Legends here for you.

Playing Bane is actually quite easy because you can take advantage of his attack skills to give poke damage to your opponent. The resulting damage is in the form of a damage area so that it can hit the opponent easily. If you can make good use of every existing skill, then you can defeat every enemy easily.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the teamfigh strategy of Bane Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious about what strategies you can apply to do ganking more effectively in gameplay, let’s just look at the full explanation below!

The Best Bane Teamfight Strategy in Mobile Legends

Bane is indeed designed as a fighter hero suitable for team fight in Mobile Legends. Each skill he has can provide good follow-up damage to your teammates. The plus point of this hero is that he also has a passive skill that can inflict great damage through his basic attack and has very useful healing skills. For a detailed explanation of Bane’s own team fight strategy, you can see below!

Focus Laning First

The first step before you want to do ganking or team fight with Bane’s hero in Mobile Legends, it would be nice to focus on laning first. You can clean all the minions while paying attention to the position of the opponent who is offside or is alone without any cover. After the lane is clean, you can go there to do gangking or team fight.

Making good use of Ambush

When you are going to do a ganking or team fight with Bane in Mobile Legends, you must also be able to make good use of the existing ambush. Take control of the Ambush area around your opponent and try to keep his position out of sight of your opponent. When there is the right moment, you can immediately teamfight and attack your opponent together. That way your opponent will be easy for you to kill.

Bring Hero Crowd Control During Teamfight

If you want to do a good teamfight again, you need to bring a hero who can crowd control your opponent. When your opponent’s movements are hampered due to the effects of crowd control skills, that’s the right moment for you to do a team fight. Bane can inflict great damage using every skill and so the team fight becomes even more effective.

Use Ultimate Bane’s Skill to Give Follow Up Damage

You can use the ultimate skill from Hero Bane to provide good follow up damage. This ultimate skill has a far attack range and can hit many opponents at once because it includes the area damage skill. The rest you only need to maximize skill one and skill two as well as passive skills to inflict greater damage on your opponent.

Using Critical Item Build

To make Bane even stronger and the resulting damage even greater, you must use the right build item. Bane is a hero who is suitable for using critical build items because it fits perfectly with each of his skills. The passive skill will become even more painful when using critical build items. This will make Bane even more useful in a team fight.

So that’s an explanation of the Bane Mobile Legends teamfight strategy that I have discussed in Esports. Apply the strategies we have described above and win every teamfight with ease when using Bane!