MK14 and M249 PUBG Mobile until the late game, the most sadistic combo!

When playing Classic mode on PUBG Mobile, at every change of the zone you will find an Airdop Box which contains special weapons for the PUBG Mobile version. These weapons were not numerous, so only consecutive players could get them.

Apart from changing zones, you can get an Airdrop Box by shooting Flare Guns in the zone.

MK14 and M249 PUBG Mobile The Most Sadistic Combo!

1. M249 for Short Range

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The M249 weapon is the only weapon in PUBG Mobile that has a total of 100 bullets in its magazine. Of course, with these many bullets, you can appear more confident to face one squad at a time.

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In addition to the large number of bullets, the resulting damage and fire rate also don’t need to be doubted. This weapon is suitable for those of you who like to play barbaric. Besides that, you can use this weapon at medium range too, you know!

You only need to attach an adjustable 6X scope, or a 3X scope as a special medium range scope. You just have to shoot prone or prone to reduce the recoil of this weapon.

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2. MK14

Best Weapon in PUBG Mobile, High Damage!
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Using weapons from the Airdrop Box until the end of the late game is a challenge in itself. Of course there will be many enemies targeting you, either because of the characteristic sound of the weapons you are carrying or the enemy wants to seize the weapon.

MK14 has a distinctive sound characteristic, loud and rounded so that from a distance the enemy can detect this weapon. Even though it’s easy to identify, MK14 can help you when you have to fight at long distances.

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MK14 is the DMR with the greatest damage, so there is no need to doubt the ability to kill enemies quickly even at long distances. In addition, its Auto-fire mode can kill enemies quickly.

Even under three bullets, the enemy can be paralyzed with this weapon. So, using MK14 until the end of the game is not a bad thing, it becomes a fun thing because of the confidence that comes when carrying a terrible weapon like this MK14.

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Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you understand how to survive using two weapons from the Airdrop Box, namely the MK14 and M249. Thank you for listening!