Is it true that the transfer price of Sanz in Onic Esports is more expensive than Udil?

The new Pro Scene Mobile Legends has presented a new lineup of rosters to compete in MPL ID Season 6, but behind everything, of course there is an interesting thing that the transfer price of Sanz at Onic Esports is reportedly more expensive than Udil who is the star of Onic Esports!

The transfer of players before the start of MPL ID Season 6 is quite interesting and surprising for Sonic fans at this time, especially with the departure of Udil, who is an iconic member of the Onic Esports Lah team, which makes Onic have to bring in other talented players.

Udil himself has officially joined the Alter Ego team some time ago, his departure has been replaced by CW as a carry on the team. However, that year made the Onic Esports team appear with poor results, because they tried to present their newest roster, Sanz.

Sanz himself is a carry on the Victim Esports team as well as a flagship roster and a development for Victim Esports just like Udil in Onic Esports.

But did you know that Sanz’s transfer price to Onic Esports is more expensive than Udil’s? Yep, this news was revealed directly by one of Onic Esports’ rosters at Jonathan Liandi’s Empetalk event.

He is Teguh, who has the stage name Psychoo, which says that the price of your arrival Sanz to Onic Esports is higher than Udil.

But you should know that this price is just one prediction where he also got the news from the rumors on Onic Esports.


In the video, Jonathan Liando or Emperor is chatting with one of Onic Esports’ roster, Teguh or what you often know as Psychoo.

At that time Jonathan asked the bigger question about the transfer price between Udil and Sanz, Teguh suddenly answered that Sanz’s transfer price was higher than Udil, who was a star player from Onic Esports at that time.

Teguh also explained the reason why Sanz is more expensive than Udil. In this conversation, they predict that Sanz himself is a mainstay player from Victim Esports so it is quite appropriate for him to get a higher price than Onic.

Not only that, Physchoo also revealed that after Udil’s departure, the Onic Esports team itself was like a thorn that was about to collapse, which with Udil last year, they won first place in MSC 2019. But now their performance has dropped dramatically.

That way, Onic tries to bring a replacement from Udil and bring Sanz to Onic Esports and it is known that the Onic Esports Team is currently getting its best performance to compete in MPL ID Season 6.

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