Not Pensi, This Is What Happened To BTR Microboy. Best Support for PUBG Mobile 2020!

BTR Microboy made netizens especially lovers and followers of the PUBG Mobile community suddenly excited about the hot news from PUBG Mobile pro players who are often referred to as the best Role Support in the world.

What really happened to Microboy? How is the complete explanation? Listen here!

Not Pensi, This Is What Happened To BTR Microboy. Best Support for PUBG Mobile 2020!

BTR Microboy

1. It was rumored to be retiring

A few weeks and even months before Microboy retires, rumors of the departure of Role Support BTR Red Aliens have been widely heard by fans of Esports news, especially PUBG Mobile.

But at that time, there was no certainty about when Microboy would leave BTR and even PUBG Mobile itself. In an interview, Microboy mentioned that he was interested in becoming a PUBG Mobile Analyst when he retired from being a pro player.

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2. Reportedly Retiring After PMGC 2020

Microboy is reportedly retiring after the biggest tournament at PUBG Mobile, PMGC. This news is actually not a secret as well as a surprising moment, because previously Microboy himself announced that he would retire from Esports.

Furthermore, the lack of Microboy’s presence in the last few PMGC matches made PUBG Mobile netizens even more convinced that something would happen after this big tournament ended. The position of Microboy, in the last few matches, was replaced by Liquid.

The number of criticisms and even blasphemies against Microboy in every major tournament is assumed by many netizens to be the main reason why Microboy finally decided to retire from PUBG Mobile Esports.

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3. Prank! Microboy Joins EVOS


There hasn’t been 24 hours of news about Microboy retiring from PUBG Mobile circulating on social media, suddenly the EVOS Esports Instagram admin announced that Microboy has joined to become one of the roster for the PUBG Mobile division for EVOS.

One of the Red Aliens members had mentioned that Microboy will become IGL or In Game Leader in the next team, which indicates that it is likely that Microboy will become the In Game Leader role for the main roster of EVOS in the PUBG Mobile division.

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The news of Microboy’s transfer to the EVOS team is even more sad news, this is because many netizens are already sad and regretting Microboy’s departure from the pro scene of PUBG Mobile, but it turns out that the news is not true.

Let’s pray that Microboy can show his true performance in the PUBG Mobile EVOS roster team if Microboy really occupies the In Game Leader seat.

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Thank you for listening!