New FF Lucky Summer Spin Free Fire Web Event!

There is an FF web event called Lucky Summer Spin Free Fire that you should know about. Now the Free Fire game has quite a lot of total players, it has even become a pretty good game. So, surely many will take part in the summer spin FF event in this free fire game.

Free Fire was developed directly by Garena, so of course all updates and events in it are very good. Even in this game, there are some of the Best Free Fire Loadouts that you can try.

So that way, you can easily win the match later. Even in the future, Garena will provide new developments. Now, we have the Free Fire Character Feature that players can use.

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When you want to enter the map, of course you will get on the plane first. Henceforth, you can determine where to get off the plane. You can also use, some of the Best Free Fire Landing Tips. So that later, it can last even longer.

The event right now, is quite good and very interesting to try. Even all of you, can complete this event so you can get unique prizes. The Booyah Ramadhan event alone has entered its second phase, namely breaking the fast.

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You will also be presented with a Web Event, where in this event you have to use Diamonds to be able to participate. Even now, Kulgar has provided information on the latest event that is present.

Even this event, coincided with the arrival of Summer Free Fire. That way you have to know about spin summer when kulgar playing this latest FF event


Lucky Spin is one of the Garena free fire events. In this event, you do SPIN FF to get attractive prizes. Starting from skin bundles, weapons, pets, and other good items.

Lucky Summer Spin Free Fire 2020 Web Event

yt / kulgar

The Free Fire Summer spin event will take place starting April 2020. Apart from the Katana FF skin, you will also have the opportunity to win other interesting prizes such as Emote, Weapon Loot Crate, Pet Box, and many more. This summer’s newest Spin Free Fire event, players can get lots of FF prizes.

At this event, Garena raised it to coincide with Summer which will soon take place. Of course, the Summer event will be even more successful because it presents many other cool latest updates.

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In this event, you will be able to get a very attractive prize. Where there are prizes in the form of Bundles and Diamonds with an amount of 9999 pieces. Of course this way, you will not have to lose if you get the Diamond.

The more spins you do, the easier it will be for you to get the main prize. Not only that, you will also be able to get milestone prizes. If you have managed to spin several times.

How to Get Box Free Fire

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The Lucky Summer Spin Free Fire available in this event has 2 parts, first Regular Spin and second Special Spin. For regular Spin, the main prize can be obtained even though it is small. But for Special Spin, the chance is automatically bigger. Moreover, to get a 9999 Diamond prize.

The bundle that is used as the main prize is the Summer Festival Free Fire, so you can get it now.

yt / kulgar

In Spin at the lucky summer free fire event, you can spin using your diamond free fire for the following spin opportunities:

  • 1 Time Spin: 30 Diamonds
  • 10 Times Normal Spin: 270 Diamond
  • Special Spin 1 Time: 45 Diamonds
  • Special Spin 10 Times: 405 Diamond

If you manage to get the bundle, you can directly attach it to Free Fire’s Strongest Female Character. So that later, you will also have a cool appearance.

This spin can change at any time when you play, but you can be sure it’s not far from that price when playing.

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But unfortunately the Lucky Summer Event FF has arrived in Free Fire, this is not a free event. You must have Diamonds in order to participate and get prizes at the event. This lucky summer event system is almost the same as the Lucky Royale event in general.

You will be asked to Spin with Diamonds in order to get the Grand Prize from Lucky Summer.

Lucky Summer Event FF Comes to Free Fire 2019 Then

Lucky Summer Event FF Comes to Free Fire

Besides being able to get the main prize in the form of a Bundle or a Diamond Jackpot at the Lucky Summer Event, FF Comes to Free Fire this time. You can also get various other attractive prizes later.

You can also access the Lucky Summer Event Free Fire using a browser at the following link:

Later there will be 4 spins that you can choose from at the Lucky Summer Event.

If you are lucky, then the Jackpot Prize is 9999 Diamond. In addition, you can also get Summer Holiday Bundle with additional prizes from Milestone rewards. Only by doing a few spin on the Lucky Summer Event Free Fire according to the target milestone.

About the Lucky Summer Event Free Fire

Lucky Summer Event FF Comes to Free Fire

This Lucky Summer event will take place from 9 to 15 December 2019. Later there will be 4 Spin options that you can use.

40 Diamonds for 1 spin and 360 Diamonds for 10 spins, this is normal. 60 Diamonds for 1 spin and 540 Diamonds for 10 spins, for a Special Spin.

The prizes that you can get are also very diverse and certainly make you have nothing to lose if you participate in this one event. This prize includes the Diamond Jackpot and the Skin Bundle as the main prize, the Hayato Bundle Deluxe version.

Weapon Loot Crate, Night Panther Loot Crate, Bonfire Loadout and also Hayato character cards. You will also get Milestone prizes if you have completed the Lucky Summer Event Free Fire Spin Target at the event.

Lucky Summer Spin Free Fire Prizes

This Lucky Summer Spin Free Fire prize includes 2 Weapon Royale Vouchers for 10 Spin times, 3 New Year MP40 Loot Crate for 20 Spin times and also The Baby Clown Backpack for 30 Spin times.

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The Lucky Summer Event Free Fire this time will probably be the last event that will give you a chance. This is so that you can get the Skin Bundle as a prize.

For those of you who previously missed participating in the Lucky Summer Event FF Comes to Free Fire. Then this will be a very good opportunity to get the Skin.

But for those of you who already have the Bundle. You don’t need to worry because there are still a very large number of Lucky Summer Event Free Fire Jackpot Diamond prizes.

Lucky Summer Spin on Chrono FF!

Event Chrono Wheel FF

So, you can also get a free fire character named Chrono during the FF’s latest lucky summer spin.

Usually you will be told to get a token by buying diamonds or from a mission at the Chrono event this time. So, you have to collect these tokens so you can take part in the newest FF Lucky Summer Spin Free Fire Web Event this time.

Will There Be Another Summer Spin?

For now it is still unknown whether Lucky Summer Spin Free Fire is again. This is because we are entering the winter free fire event which reportedly will bring more prizes in free fire.

So, make sure you stock FF diamonds from now on so you don’t miss out on the latest 2021 FF lucky spin

The Lucky Summer Event FF has arrived on Free Fire to give a Grand Prize in the form of a Summer Holiday Bundle and also a 9999 Diamond Jackpot.

This bundle was also updated by Garena Free Fire at the same event, but the bundle was not sold to the Shop.

So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? are you all ready to get the bundle? Apart from that, there is some information about the most powerful DJ Alok Character Counter that you can try.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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