When Should Shotguns Be Used in PUBG Mobile?

The shotgun is one of the less shining weapons than AR or SMG weapons in the PUBG Mobile game. For those of you who are still confused about when to use a shotgun in PUBG Mobile, this time we will provide tips on using this type of weapon.

PUBG Mobile provides various types of weapons that come with various stats and different uses. That’s why players must be able to match their game skills with the weapons used.

One type of weapon available in this game is a shotgun. This melee weapon with great damage in one shot requires a special skill to master it.

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When Should Shotguns Be Used in PUBG Mobile?

when should the shotgun be used

Shotgun is a weapon with high recoil because the gun is quite troublesome when shooting. The very slightest bullets make the players dodge enough to use this weapon.

The shotgun isn’t really that bad, actually. You really need to use another method of using this one weapon, it’s different when using other weapons such as the Assault Rifle (AR) or the Submachine Gun (SMG).

Here are some conditions when you should use a shotgun in this PUBG Mobile game.

1. Only Used At Close Range

The first condition regarding when you should use a shotgun is to use it only at close range. Don’t use a shotgun at a longer distance, such as medium. Of course it is a futile act.

By using a shotgun at close range, you can make sure your weapon is aiming right at the enemy. That way you will get huge damage.

2. As a Secondary Weapon

This second condition is still related to the previous first condition. Since shotguns are only good at close range, you should use them as secondary or secondary weapons only.

For the first weapon you can use a weapon with a more flexible performance, such as AR. So when you’re running, use AR to make an initial knock or when you meet an enemy on the way.

Then after the shooting distance gets closer, switch to the shotgun to get massive damage with every shot. That way you will win close combat.

3. Use the Shotgun to Explore Narrow Areas

when should the shotgun be used

In the second condition, the shotgun should be used as a second weapon because it covers a large area. However, to explore a narrow closed area, you should use a shotgun as your primary weapon.

For example when exploring buildings such as houses or buildings. Use the shotgun as your primary weapon to make a deadly surprise attack.

Many enemies choose to hide in the corners of the room. So you can point the crosshair in that direction and find the enemy there. Then shoot with a shotgun and make the enemy die instantly.

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Those are the conditions in which the shotgun should be used in PUBG Mobile. Aim your crosshair shotgun at the head to get a headshot kill with the most lethal damage.

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