Owner of Lambe Moba Leaked by KB?

For those of you who follow the pro Mobile Legends scene, of course, they often look for info here and there. One source of information is usually leaked by Lambe Moba’s Instagram account. At Empetalk Jonathan Liandi, KB apparently leaked the Lamber Moba owner. This Instagram account does not mess with the information.

This social media account is no joke. The leaks from them are almost always accurate and of course there are many questions, who is Lambe Moba. Even information that is quite confidential within the team can be leaked easily and accurately. Therefore, many are curious.

In the Empetalk session from J. Liandi and KB, apparently there was a leak. The leak is about the owner and admin of the Lambe Moba account. Surely a lot of people are curious about the owner of Lambe Moba. With their leaks and accurate information, many were convinced that they were insiders on the pro scene.

Here, let’s discuss the Lambe Moba owner who was leaked by KB in the Empetalk session with Jonathan Liandi. This one information certainly attracted a lot of attention, considering that Lambe Moba’s identity, which is always kept secret, makes many Mobile Legends players curious.

Owner Lamber Moba leaked by KB

Who doesn’t know KB. The name, which was once very big in the Mobile Legends scene, was active as a caster and also provided a teaser and also earlier information. He, who is now actively livestreaming and creating content on Youtube, has even been rumored to be the admin or owner of Lambe Moba.

Although there were rumors that he had something to do with Lambe Moba, KB also brushed off the issue. Even when interviewed on Empetalk, he even laughed at the old issue. Even he has an interesting assumption.

According to him, the owner of Lambe Moba is an insider in Mobile Legends, or is active in this scene. KB said maybe the owner is Dylan. But it is not clear who he means. Probably Dylan Chia, marketing director of Mobile Legends.

In the past, he was active in the Malaysian esports world. Until finally his talent was glimpsed by MLBB to become part of Mobile Legends. If it is true this might be interesting.

But no one knows about the admin who is active in the account. Only one clue, namely women. Yes, the Lambe Moba admin is said to be a woman, this is based on the voice of the account user. Yes, until now it is unclear who has anything to do with Lambe Moba.

That is information about who is the owner of the Lambe Moba mobile legends to date. Who do you think? do you think?