7 item movement speed in Mobile Legends, run faster ML!

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games that you can play right now, this game presents a lot of items that you can use, one of which is an item that increases the Movement Speed ​​in Mobile Legends which can increase the running speed of your hero.

Hero movement speed or movement speed is very important for Mobile Legends players. Because it really affects when the match takes place. With fast movement, it will chase or run away quickly too.

And you need to know that in Mobile Lgend not all heroes have good speed so that they can move, run away or chase enemies smoothly. Even among these heroes, there are heroes who have a tendency to move slowly. So, the hero needs the support of an item that will make his movements faster.

7 Movement Speed ​​Items in Mobile Legends

This time the Movement Speed ​​item in Mobile Legends is able to increase the movement of heroes to be faster in Mobile Legends!

1. Warior Boots

7 item movement speed in Mobile Legends, run faster ML!

First we have the Warrior Boots item. Wiarrior Boots can add movement speed to the hero, which is 40 points on the hero. By using this one item besides your hero getting movement speed, you will also get an additional +22 Physical Defense which can be stacked up to 5 times.

2. Swift Boots

7 item movement speed in Mobile Legends, run faster ML!

The next item is Swift Boots, using this item not only increases movement speed but also attack speed. By using Swift Boots you will get 40 movement speed points plus + 15% attack speed.

3. Tough Boots

7 item movement speed in Mobile Legends, run faster ML!

Heroes who use the Tough Boots item will get a movement speed of 40 additional points. Not to mention that you will get 22 magic resistance points and also get a 25% reduction in time cintrolles.

4. Rapid Boots

7 item movement speed in Mobile Legends, run faster ML!

One of the items that are targeted when the hero you are using is slow. It doesn’t matter if the hero we use is slow, if you have this Rapid boots item, the speed will increase. Rapid boots are able to provide additional movement speed of 50 points through their unique effect.

5. Magic Shoes

Next, we have the item Magic Shoes, by using this one item, your slow hero will get an additional movement speed of 40 points in Mobile Legends. Magic shoes also not only provide additional movement speed but also provide a cooldown reduction of 10 points.


6. Arcane Boots

Arcanes Boots are Movement speed items in Mobile Legends that can be used by Magic heroes which can give you +15 Magic Penetration and additional Movement Speed ​​effects of 40+. This item is commonly used by mage heroes in Mobile Legends.

7. Demon Shoes

Finally, there is Demon Shoes which is an item with mana regen ability for a hero in Mobile Legends, this item can increase +30 Mana Regen and +40 Movement speed which this one item is perfect for a very extravagant hero.

Those are the 5 items in Mobile Legends that can increase the movement speed of heroes in Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to follow our official Instagram on Esportsku (@ esports.ku) to get the latest information about the Mobile Legends game and other latest news. Stay Tune!