PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 15, Here Are Leaks and Release Date!

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 15 will start in a few months. Tencent Games, which is a PUBG Mobile developer, is developing various new features for one of the best Battle Royal games.

Although previously PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 14 has just started, there’s nothing wrong with seeing what PUBG Mobile Season 15 will be!

PUBG Mobile is one of the best games in Indonesia today, this one game presents a variety of features, as well as interesting gameplay and makes many Indonesian gamers today, one of its flagship features is the Royale Pass which is present every season at PUBG Mobile Legends. .

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 15 Leaks

Lots of new feature fan items that will be present at the upcoming PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 15. Starting from new maps, weapon skins, clothing skins and more. So, here are the new things that will be present at PUBG Mobile Season 15!

Update Map Erangel 2.0

After before Tencent gave an update on the mirarmar map, this time Tencent gave an update on Map Erangel, namely Erange 2.0

Erangel itself is the oldest map in PUBG Mobile, the update for this map is actually a PUBG PC version, but you can get this update next season!

New Mode

PUBG Mobile tries to bring a new mode to PUBG Mobile, in that mode you will fight the virus and try to overcome its spread.

Yep, this year we are indeed facing a Covid-19 predictor, so they are trying new things, namely getting PUBG players to beat the virus in the game. The mode will likely be named as “Virus Mode”. Interested in trying to kill covid-19?

New Face Skin

Not only skins for clothes, pants, grunts, vehicles and weapons, PUBG Mobile Season 15 will also present a variety of new face skins to uniquely your character in PUBG Mobile.

This Face Skin is similar to a tattoo or image on the face of your character. Later there will be a variety of facial scribbles that are very cool and very similar to real soldiers.

New Characters

PUBG Mobile Season 15 will present a very unique new character, the character named Sunny who is a very cool beautiful girl.

The appearance itself according to Mimin is very similar to Selena Gomez, you can use it next season, until now, unfortunately, there is no latest information about this one character.


When is PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 15 Release?


For leaks, the release date for PUBG Mobile Season 15 will arrive in September. The reason is for PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 14 itself will end on September 13, 2020.

By following the above pattern, PUBG Mobile always follows the Royale Pass. Just like other tencent games like AoV, season changes always follow their Battle Pass. But depending on how many times, for PUBG Mobile in mid-September, it usually changes to season 15.

To prepare for the new season, Tencent Game usually takes around 2 days, that means PUBG Mobile Season 15 will start on 15 September 2020. So can’t wait to wait for PUBG Mobile Season 15?

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