Cold Steel Free Fire Mode, Ramage FF, and Explosive Jump Returns!

Playing games is indeed one of the activities that is quite fun when done during free time. By doing this, of course all of you, will never experience such a thing as being bored. So if you want to be even more challenged, try the Free Fire game right now. This time, you can enjoy Cold Steel Free Fire Mode, Ramage FF, and Explosive Jump, which you can enjoy again this June.

Because in the future the Free Fire game which is currently booming will be even better, because Garena will provide many of the latest updates. Yesterday, we had the Latest Update in June 2020, where there were lots of updates.

So that of course all of you will never be bored, by trying out various of the latest updates. Even all of you, of course, can have the opportunity to get, Free Wolfrahh Characters in Free Fire right now.

Garena will provide more of the latest updates, so that the Free Fire game will be even busier. In the future, they have all provided a new Spoiler, where there will be several Modes that will accompany all of you in this Free Fire game.

Maybe later in this mode you can try the Best Free Fire Character Combinations, so you can win easily when you have a match. Intrigued by what modes will be present? see the article below.

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  1. Cold Steel Mode (June 6 – 7)

The first mode that will open this weekend is Cold Steel Mode, where this mode is quite exciting and very interesting for you to play. Even if you feel bored playing in Battle Royale, just try this one mode.

So in this mode you will fight, using the knife that was thrown. Almost the same as weapons in general, but what is in this mode is a knife. The damage given from this knife can reach 56 thousand, so be careful.

  1. Rampage Mode (June 12 – 14)

The next mode is Rampage and the mode that is present too, is quite exciting and very interesting for you to play. Because in this mode, all of you will be able to feel a sensation of playing like a Cheater in a game.

But don’t worry because this mode is set like that, so you won’t be banned. In order for an ability like this to appear in the match, then you have to kill a lot of enemies and fill the bar above the Energy Point Bar.

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  1. Explosive Jump (June 19-21)

For example, if you ever imagined there was a high jump mode in Free Fire, now you can feel it too. Because this mode is in fact, it will allow you to fly high by simply jumping.

The name is Explosive Jump, so when you jump it can be higher and there is an explosion effect under it. Anyway, this exciting mode should not be missed, because the excitement to fight is even greater.

  1. Bomb Squad (June 14 – 21)

Finally, the mode that will accompany all of us on weekends is Bomb Squad, where in this mode we have to face 2 things. First you will face the enemy, the two of you who survive will be challenged to withstand the Bomb that has been installed.

For example, if you are a team of attackers, of course you have to tame the Bomb that has been paired. If for example the Bomb explodes automatically the bomb installer team will win, but if it is successfully tamed then you will win.

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By presenting these modes, of course you may never get bored playing the Free Fire game again. Because with the presence of a mode like this too, all of you definitely won’t immediately feel bored after competing later. Just enter this mode, new sensations can be obtained.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.