PUBG Mobile Vector Tips, the Most Efficient SMG!

Talking about weapons with the SMG or Submachine Gun type in PUBG Mobile is not something that will be boring. The Indonesian PUBG Mobile player is known as a player who likes intense or barbaric combat, which of course will be easier to get acquainted with special melee weapons like Vector. Well, this time there are PUBG Mobile Vector Tips that you can follow.

Vector is the second favorite SMG weapon after the Micro Uzi. Making Vector the favorite SMG weapon is certainly not without reason.

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Then what are the tips for using Vector properly and correctly for battles in PUBG Mobile? Come on, see the explanation below!

Tips for Using Vector PUBG Mobile, the Most Efficient SMG!


Shooting Range

Just like the Micro Uzi or maybe the Tommy Gun, Vector was created for close combat or usually controlled by weapons with the SMG or Submachine Gun type, so this weapon is sure to be a lot of fun to finish off enemies in close combat.

Vector also has higher damage when compared to Micro Uzi. Micro Uzi has a basic damage of 23 points, while Vector is 8 points ahead of 31 points. Its high damage and high fire rate make it very suitable for close combat.

However, it turns out that Vector is still capable of being used for medium-range combat for enemies around 20-70 meters from where you shoot. So that PUBG Mobile gives it the upper rail that can be filled with a scope of up to 6x is not without reason.

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Specifically, we prefer to use a 3x scope as the maximum scope, or a 6x scope that is adjusted to a 6x scope to add better shooting stability.

So, if you are a player who likes battles that are dominated by close combat or medium-range shots like the Sanhok map, you need to feel the sensation with this Vector weapon!

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This SMG is a special SMG because it has a very complete slot for attachments.

We recommend using a Muzzle Compensator or Flash Hider considering that this weapon already has quite a pronounced recoil, especially if you pair it with a high scope. For the attachments, you can adjust it.

But keep in mind, Vector foregrip cannot be filled with Thumb and Angled Foregrip. Don’t forget to fill the magazine attachments slot with Extended Magazine in order to increase the number of bullets when shooting, and of course the Tactical Stock so that the recoil is better muffled and adds stability when shooting.

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Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you to better understand how to use Vector weapons properly and correctly in PUBG Mobile. Thank you for listening!


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