This is the Roster List for Bigetron Alpha MPL ID Season 7!

Who are you curious about Roster Bigetron Alpha MPL ID Season 7? As you know, Mobile Legends Professional League will be held soon on February 22, 2021. This time there is a Red Robot team that has officially announced the list of players.

There are many surprises given by Bigetron Alpha, before you know that Taka has officially moved to the RRQ Hoshi team, but in this Bigetron Alpha roster there is absolutely no significant change except for the transfer of Taka’s players.

Bigetron Alpha on MPL ID Season 6 performed quite well, this red robot team managed to get the top three in this prestigious tournament, so this time will Bigetron Alpha be able to play any better?

Bigetron Alpha has officially announced its best roster that will compete in the MPL ID Season 7 tournament. So here are the ranks of Bigetron Alpha players:

  • BTR – Branz
  • BTR – Dreams
  • BTR – Renbo
  • BTR – Matt
  • BTR – Maxx
  • BTR – Rippo

There is no roster change that occurs at Bigetron Alpha, the main line-up position is still filled by previous players who have played together since the last MPL Season. The role played this time is quite interesting because of the presence of the newest Jungler role in Mobile Legends.

Branz will play Jungler and captain of Bigetron Alpha. Then Dreams is still playing as a Tanker on the red robot team. There is also Rendo who previously played as support this time as a Utility or will fill any role if needed.

Then Matt and Rippo will play as offlaners, and Maxx will have a position as Sidelaner. Oh yeah, what’s interesting is Maxx, who previously took turns with Branz to fill Hyper Carry. But this time he will focus on as Sidelaner.

It is very interesting to discuss what meta Bigetron Alpha will present with this line of role fillers. As you know, the position of the same players will certainly present a very strong line up.

If you guess the presence of Maxx and Branz in one match, meta Jungler or Meta 2 Core seems inseparable from the meta that Bigetron Alpha will display. As you know, Maxx and Branz are very good at playing as cores.

What do you think about the list of Roster who will play together with Bigetron Alpha in the upcoming MPL ID Season 7? Surely you can’t wait for the biggest tournament in Indonesia, right?

For additional information, MPL ID Season 7 and MDL ID Season 3 will be held simultaneously on February 22, 2021. Make sure you are ready to see your favorite pro player in the biggest match in Indonesia on this one.