5 FF Auto Headshot Season 17 Free Fire Weapons

For now we have to know the weapon FF Auto Headshot season 17 Free Fire, which will help us to be even faster to fight the enemy later. When you play the Free Fire game and fight against several players, of course you have to be able to quickly kill them. Because we are in that position, we are experiencing dangerous things too.

Weapons will help you to compete later, especially to be able to make enemies die quickly. For now Headshot is one of the best things, where it can make the enemy Killed or Dying quickly. Now things like this we have to give too, when fighting the enemy who becomes our target later.

The following are weapons in free fire that make FF auto headshot:

1. AWM

How to Free Fire Sniper Weapons (AWM) To Knock FF's Fast Opponents

The first weapon that is one of the mainstays of headshot is AWM, the ability of this weapon is quite good. Of course this too, will make us even more understanding and stronger when fighting from a distance.

The damage from this weapon, if it is Headshot, will indeed be even more painful. Not only that, if you give a headshot to the enemy, we can see the damage penetrates 750+. You will definitely be more fortunate, because this weapon can also penetrate level 3 helmets later.

2. M82B

The M82B Free Fire weapon

Next it is still one of the Sniper weapons, but if this is one of the new groups in the Free Fire game. The M82B is one of the newest Sniper members, where this unique ability should not be underestimated either.

The damage provided by this weapon alone, can penetrate the defense of the gloo wall. Especially if for example we get a headshot shot, of course it can be even bigger later. For now, all of you, have to be able to play well and try to frequent HS.

3. M1887

5 FF Auto Headshot Season 17 Free Fire Weapons

Next we are the presence of the Shotgun family, yes, this weapon was badly hit by Nerf in the past. But in fact the ability of this weapon is still quite overpowered, so that it makes enemies dying faster. You can also practice this m1887 FF auto headshot

We can make it even easier to do Rush, if you use this weapon when competing. Especially if you direct your head towards your head, it will be easier for us to do this. Compared to the Spas and M1014, it turns out that the M1887 is easier to headshot.

4. Groza

Finally, for now, Groza is a weapon that is easy to headshot on the Assault Rifle. In the past, this weapon was very difficult for us to try on a headshot, but now in season 17 it is a mainstay for giving headshot to the enemy.

Don’t forget about things like this, because Groza is still one of the best weapons in Free Fire. To be able to get this weapon too, is the same as AWM. But if you have given the Headshot, surely no one will be able to fight back.

We can indeed use every weapon that is presented in the Free Fire game for headshots. But for now you can try some of these weapons, so that later it will be easier to do a headshot in the future.

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