Thompson VS SPAS Free Fire, Which is Better in FF?

In Free Fire, there are two categories of weapons that often appear at close range because of their advantages when used, namely SMG and Shotgun. Both of these weapons are very strong at close range only because of their high DPS advantage and their strong stats at this distance. SMGs have high DPS thanks to their RoF and shotguns have deadly burst damage. This time there is a Thompson VS SPAS Free Fire Weapon which we will discuss.

Thompson and SPAS are arguably one of the best-in-class weapons, extremely lethal in the right hands. Both of them can even kill enemies very easily when rushing. Therefore SMGs and shotguns are the best choices for aggressive players at close range.

Here we will provide some comparisons of the two best weapons at close range, the Thompson and the SPAS. Both of these weapons are very dangerous if used by high skill players because they don’t need a favorable distance, just rush and kill.

Now, by describing these two free fire weapons, you will understand more about the two weapons which are favorites in close range FF. Then, you can conclude which one is the best for free fire players:


Thompson is a weapon that has a very high DPS in the SMG class. This weapon is supported by bullets of relatively high caliber compared to other SMGs and sacrifices a little RoF. But even though his RoF is inferior to the MP40 as the fastest weapon, Thompson is supported by his very lethal damage and bullet capacity.

At close and medium range Thompson is the king of lethal weapons. Using Thompson doesn’t even need a lot of skill because this weapon has a high capacity, so you can easily win 1v1 when your opponent runs out of bullets. This deadly weapon can also be the best choice at close range.

SPAS Free Fire

SPAS is an interesting weapon in Free Fire. Generally, SPAS is a shotgun that has two types of shots, semi auto and pump action. But in Free Fire this weapon can only be used as a pump weapon. Compared to other shotguns, SPAS is the weapon that is most consistent with its high damage.

Using SPAS but requires a very high skill. Compared to SMG, using a shotgun requires high skill because if you miss the first shot, then you can easily lose. Besides that, your shot must hit the head because that is the only way to ensure a one shot kill using a shotgun.


If these two weapons are compared, we must first pit them against a win-win situation. At close range, these two weapons are very deadly because they can be the best weapons in their class.

Thompson and SPAS, however, have somewhat different characteristics that you must remember. Thompson is more suitable for use as guns blazing, which enters and spits out a lot of bullets. For SPAS, a good aim is needed because every bullet and shot is very valuable.

Not being able to carelessly use SPAS is the downside of this weapon because not everyone has a good aim. So while SPAS is the better weapon, Thompson is stronger in common hands because the DPS of his RoF is easier for common hands to control.

That’s the comparison of the two best weapons in its class, the SMG and the shotgun. Very dangerous if used in the right hands, SPAS has an advantage when used by pro players who have good aim at close range. Compared to Thompson, who doesn’t require much thought, even though SPAS is strong, it must be accompanied by adequate skills.