Tips and Tricks for Pharsa in Mobile Legends, the Best Zoning Hero

Pharsa is the mage with the highest control map potential in Mobile Legends. Even though he is not too strong when used in a small rank, Pharsa is a high-rank subscriber and also a pro Mobile Legends player. This time there are Pharsa Mobile Legends Tips and Tricks that you can do.

Pharsa has 4 skills because you get one additional skill. Having two sick magic skills, he also has one additional skill to move fast and flying movements also a deadly ulti. Pharsa has a very strong burst skill on the lane and also a skill that signals the enemy, this skill is her CC.

Here we will provide some tips when using Pharsa in Mobile Legends. This hero is very strong if used properly and has very high potential.


Pharsa has one additional skill that you can use here. He can turn into a bird that is often underestimated by many enemies. Pharsa who can very quickly clear the lane can immediately go around the map using this skill to rotate to help other lanes.


Pharsa has a pretty sick damage skill on your S2. This skill has real damage that is not too high in the early game, but this skill has great scaling. This means that this skill is very strong in the late game when your items begin to form. Spam continues this skill in the early game for poke and harass. Tips and Tricks for Pharsa in Mobile Legends, you must remember.


Pharsa only has one CC skill which is a bit difficult to use. The CC Pharsa skill only gives a signal to the enemy who is hit by this skill, the damage is quite painful even though it can’t be dispelled. Now this skill that gives a sign of hostility will stun every Pharsa that inflicts damage on them. Strong enough with all the Pharsa skill combinations.

Tips and tricks for Pharsa in Mobile Legends – you are so deadly

Pharsa’s Ulti has unreasonable damage in the early game and also has high scaling. This skill is very dangerous in the early and late games. This skill has many uses.

Pharsa Mobile Legends Tips And Tricks – VERY MANY ULTIMATE USES

Pharsa’s Ulti has many advantages such as zoning, damage burst, teamfight control, and also a finisher. Keep in mind that Pharsa’s ulti has a very wide area and you can use this skill to push enemies out of the area or give high damage if they don’t come out quickly.


The thing that you need to pay attention to and practice when using Pharsa is position. Both from using S1 and S2 to get the maximum effect and also the ultimate effect. Pharsa’s ulti will make himself vulnerable in the gang if the enemy plays smart, often use Pharsa’s ulti in the bush.

Tips and Tricks for Pharsa in Mobile Legends – DON’T FREQUENTLY DIE ON THE GAME LATE

When starting mid to late game your main task is one, don’t die. You will be the center and source of damage on the team in the late game, so don’t die and just play it safe. He is able to kill the enemy with just two charge skills in the late game.

Those are some tips for using Pharsa in Mobile Legends. He, who is a hypercarry mage hero thanks to his deadly scaling, has to play very smartly. Pharsa is a hero who takes advantage of the position very fatally.

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