Treasure Map Location Day 5 Free Fire Elite Pass 25 Bermuda FF

Free Fire has had many new arrivals after the maintenance of free fire 3 June 2020 is over. You can now start again to hunt for treasure that gets a free fire fable box. By getting this box, there will be lots of elite pass 25 prizes that you can have. However, you must first find out the location of the Treasure Map for Day 5 of the Free Fire Elite Pass 25 Bermuda FF in this game.

Garena free fire held a treasure hunting event to welcome the elite pass season 25 free fire with the theme of human foxes. You can buy an elite pass at a pretty affordable price for a month. By buying an elite pass, you can get a bundle of elite pass 25 permanently later on as long as you achieve the mission you have been given. In addition, you can try it for free by finding the location of the treasure map.

To find it, you have to solve the riddles Garena has been given every day. Now, because it has entered the 5th day of the treasure hunting event, we will also help you solve the puzzle given by Garena today.

Clue Location Free Fire Treasure Map Today

Treasure Map Location Day 5 Free Fire Elite Pass 25 Bermuda FF

Today Garena Free Fire provides a clue that you must solve to get the latest elite pass bundle. Players can find the treasure map by solving a piece of the map given by Garena on this 5th day. Of course, you have to be careful to check every corner of the map that is similar to this location.

Well, on this 5th day Garena free fire displays a piece of map that has the characteristics of a winding road and lush trees. You can also see that there are several small houses there. You could say this clue is more difficult than the clue of the treasure map for day 4 of yesterday’s fre fire which was in the hangar.

Today’s clue was quite difficult, but after we analyzed it we solved it in the end. Clue today focuses on the winding streets as well as the houses that curve into them.


Treasure Map Location Day 5 Free Fire Elite Pass 25 Bermuda FF

Now on the 5th day you can find it close to the 3rd day treasure map which is on the bridge near the plantation. You can find a treasure map for the 5th day of free fire on the same path as the bridge. However, it is still a bit far if you play directly from the map.

Free fire players can get today’s treasure that is close to bulleyes and graveyards. You will find several turns in the game to reach that location if you are from the south.

The player who drops on the graveyard, you have to follow the main road north until you find the long curved house. But not right at the house, you just have to go to the previous one from the graveyard direction. Of course, the location of the 5th day of free fire treasure map is next to the curved house.

The player who drops on the bulleyes, you stay south to find a curved house or you can also go straight to the treasure trove of this 5th day. The location is just below the house which is shaped like a box. To be precise, under the large boxed house and there was the location of today’s treasure map

That’s the location of the 5th day of the free fire treasure map, you can now find it easily, right ?. So, immediately grab a treasure map today at that location and get a free fire fable box that is free of this season 25 elite pass bundle.

Make sure you have got some items of weapons and personal protection so that you are not hunted by other players when searching for this treasure map. Looting weapons and vests is the best thing you have to do before finding this free fire day 5 treasure map. You can also invite your enemies to make peace and find these treasure maps together.

That’s all from us, quickly find a treasure map today !. Greetings, booyah FF!