Wukong Free Fire Character Player Mistakes, FF Players Must Know!

The characters that have appeared in the Free Fire game are all good and certainly interesting for us to try. But you shouldn’t forget to know the Wukong Free Fire Player Error, which is what causes this character to be seen as quite ugly. The mistake of the Wukong free fire character player is indeed still being done by many people today.

The development of the Free Fire update now is indeed quite good and certainly very interesting, of course that way all of you will never be bored when playing this game. The updates and events given are all very cool and very interesting.

For that you also don’t miss the latest Top up Event, where it will be coming soon in the Free Fire game. Of course, this event will be one of the newest events available and can be followed by all players who do top up later.

Later you don’t miss the Clu Free Fire Top Up Event, where when doing Top Up you can get the character for free. But for now, we will discuss the character named Wukong in the Free Fire game.

Wukong is one of the characters with the best active skills, which can make us the one to camouflage in the match. This character’s abilities are good, but many are still using it the wrong way.

Are you curious about the mistakes of the Wukong Player? immediately refer to the article below.

Wukong Player Mistakes When Playing Free Fire

  1. Using Shrubs – Shrubs in Buildings or Houses

This character’s ability is to transform itself into a bush, which helps us to camouflage properly and properly when competing. But this Wukong character’s ability, don’t use it at random.

If you are in a certain house or building, don’t use this ability. Because it will make us find out faster. The problem is if in a house or building, there will be no such thing as a bush like that.

  1. Used When Inappropriate

When you are fighting with the enemy, lack of blood will definitely be a thing for both parties. If it’s like this, those of you who are not strong enough to fight, will choose to be able to find a way to escape so you can be even safer.

If for example you use this Wukong character, try to be able to keep the Camouflage Skill. Surely the enemy will start chasing us, if you guys run away. While the enemy is still pursuing, don’t use this ability quickly. Because if, for example, the enemy starts to get very close to where you are hiding, surely you will know where you are.

  1. Not Utilizing Your Own Abilities

The ability of this Wukong character is to do camouflage, which is certainly able to outwit enemy movements. Of course with this kind of ability, you can also kill enemies without getting caught because you are camouflaging.

But unfortunately until now, there are still many players who ignore this. So when they saw the enemy running near him while on camouflage, it turned out that he only saw him and did not give a surprise attack to kill the enemy.

  1. Used Then Run

Wukong does have good camouflage abilities, where we can disguise themselves as bushes and avoid attacks from enemies, of course. But until now, there are still many players who use Wukong’s abilities but still run.

Of course this will make us caught by the enemy, then attacked by the enemy. So if for example you use this character’s ability, try to be able to walk slowly to move places or are chasing enemies later.

  1. Do not know the camouflage function and shape

When you change yourself into bushes, of course we will immediately carry out the camouflage process. By the time you use this ability, it means you can start hiding and defeat the enemy calmly too.

But you also have to know that bushes too, because if you want to know, it turns out that these bushes can withstand damage from enemies. Even though it will disappear after a few shots, it will definitely benefit all of us.

At this time, the ability of the Wukong character is still good, but players still often make mistakes when using it. So try to always be able to use this character well, so that later we can make it easier to win using Wukong.

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