3 Mobile Legends Fighter Emblems, Must Use Thick Heroes and Front Line

There is a mobile legends fighter emblem that is very suitable for use on offlane heroes or natural fighters. This will provide a very balanced amount of resistance and damage, but strong enough to use. Therefore, this fits the role of mobile legends with close combat heroes

This emblem provides physical penetration and magic defense effects, where in a team fight, the fighter can inflict high damage before dying from a magic burst.

This emblem is also very suitable for use by some assassins who need extra resistance such as Alucard. Can be used by almost all fighters, this emblem is also good if you need additional crowd control.

Here we will discuss about the fighter emblem on mobile legends. By using this emblem, you can make it easier to use heroes. Because, your stats will increase and the hero you use will get passive skills, depending on the emblem you are using.


For the use of fighter heroes, it is recommended to use this emblem set. Because in addition to increasing physical attacks, it also increases physical defense, physical penetrations and HP. Not only fighters, assassins and junglers can also use this emblem.

An emblem that is flexible and strong enough if used by orthodox fighters, this emblem is recommended for beginners because of its very high usability.

TIER 1- Immune to Magic

This Tier 1 emblem is filled by Bravery, Firmness, and Shield. Bravery can be taken if you need additional damage to the fighter you are using and it doesn’t need to be too thick. Meanwhile Firmness and Shiel are quite flexible to use, even so Shield is sometimes the main choice because magic res is very suitable for fighters compared to armor.

With tier 1 which is flexible enough, you can start your focus from here and tier 2 or 3 can just follow the shortcomings or you plan to do so mix-maxing this fighter emblem.

TIER 2- Fighter with High Combat Capability

Almost similar to tier 1 where this emblem choice is quite strong too. Here you can choose depending on the tier 1 you take. Consists of Invasion, Durability, and Swift.

If you plan to use a fighter with high damage, you can take Invasion here and Bravery in tier 1. With a high enough damage output, the fighter will have the chance to win the fight.

For other talents, Durability might be a pretty good choice with his HP. Swift is not good because rarely fighters need additional ASPD.

TIER 3- Opponents Become Slow!

In Tier 3, it can be said that only one talent is very important and the rest are too conditional and too dependent on the situation. If you plan to use tier 3, Disabling Strike will be very helpful because it slows down all of the user’s skills.

Unbending and Festival are not very good because Unbending can be used for 1v1 as long as it doesn’t get burst and the lifestal isn’t very good.

That’s the fighter emblem which is quite versatile and can be used by many heroes. This emblem has two focuses, namely thick damage to your fighter. Therefore, choose the best so as not to be disappointed.

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