3 Savage and Blood-filled, Scary Game Achievement!

Getting the achievement in the game you play is a matter of pride. How could it be if it all had to end in a barbaric way? Achievement, which is meant to celebrate victory, must be given a blood-filled visual and shock therapy.

Even though the name acheievement should be something that makes you happy. Or that adds to the enthusiasm for gaming. But there are some games that seem to want to be different and give weird forms of achievement.

Try checking out the game Red Dead Redemption. When playing in this game, players can feel the cruelty of the Wild Wild West cowboy era. Most barbaric when a player must get the achievement dastardly.

After all, players had to kidnap one female NPC. Then the kidnapped woman was tagged on the train tracks. Then you have to watch the scene of the woman being run over by a train.

There are 3 games with savage and bloody achievements that you need to try. There are even more savage games than Red Dead Redemption, here. Who knows if you want to add to the savage viewing experience, you can try these 3 games.

Mortal Kombat 11

If you want to call a game that is most consistent with the themes of blood and savagery, Mortal Kombat is the answer. Since it was first released, the attraction of this game has been the savagery of its battles.

Mortal Kombat 11 has an achievement called Blood In The Water. This achievement requires players to collect blood in 10,000 glasses. How less savage is that ?!

But for people who have played and used to play Mortal Kombat, this achievement may be just ordinary. Because he was accustomed to the game atmosphere that was really savage and full of blood.

God of War 3

This game depicts the slaughter of the gods by Kratos. But in the part of Hades’s murder, Kratos’ savagery is felt. The murder of Hades was truly barbaric and bloody. As if there is no mercy at Kratos. All for the achievement called Depth Below.

The most savage part is when Hades is pulled plus he is banged against the ceiling, then Kratos chops his head. Then the corpse was just dumped into the Styx river. The murder of the ruler of hell is complete. Kratos’s savage murder also applies to other gods. But not cruel to Hades.

Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 has a savage part. But it seems that the one who can animate the savagery in this game is a boy.

The achievement as well as the outrage is called The Nutcracker. Players are required to shoot the enemy’s vital organs. Since most of the enemies were male, yes, the ones who were shot were the testicles and penis.

The most savage part is that the shooting process and the process of destroying the testicles are shown in detail. So, as soon as the rifle is pulled, the bullet hits the testicles, at that time the opponent’s internal organs will also be shown.

The process of testicular destruction is shown from start to finish. Less savage how else ?!

So, those are 3 games that can make you shock therapy, especially for those of you who don’t like blood or violence. Don’t try these games.

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