3 Ways to Master the Bridge with Vehicles in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a complex battle royale game. The vast map area in PUBG Mobile makes everything possible. One of them is competing for control of the bridge. This time we will give tips on 3 ways to master the bridge with a vehicle that will secure your team to win the game.

The battle royale game is a game with serious gameplay. Especially for the PUBG Mobile game which has extensive maps. Due to the vastness of the maps, each map has characteristics and various complex areas in it. This is the advantage of this battle royale game.

PUBG Mobile itself provides several types of game modes. For example, the solo, duo, and squad modes. In squad mode, a special strategy is needed to be able to maintain the integrity of the team until the end of the game and get a winner chicken dinner winner in the match.

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PUBG Mobile provides various maps with their respective characteristics. The maps in this game are very broad and complex. Each region has its own peculiarities. It usually consists of one large island and several small islands connected by bridges.

In the battle royale game, a zone is applied where players must be in the Safe Zone until the late game to be able to win the final battle in the match. The problem is that the Safe Zone is not always in the middle of the map. It moves randomly and the player must be able to guess it.

Often the Safe Zone in the late game is in an area that requires players to cross a bridge. This is where mastering the bridge on the PUBG Mobile map is very important. By mastering the bridge, your team will be able to break the mobile pubg other teams who want to cross the bridge.

3 Ways to Master the Bridge with Vehicles


1. Collect as many vehicles as possible

The first way to master the bridge is using a vehicle first. At a minimum, collect 4 vehicles according to the number of your squad members. If you can collect more than that, of course much better. Better yet, if you can get a big vehicle like a truck.

2. Put the Zigzag Vehicle Position

After you can get a lot of vehicles, position the vehicles in a zigzag position. This is to make it difficult for the opposing team to try to cross the bridge. They have to turn around to get across the bridge thus prolonging their time.

In addition, by positioning your squad’s vehicles in a zigzag position, it will also make the enemy team’s vision range narrower. This is because of the many obstructions in the form of these vehicles on the bridge. Especially if the vehicle body is large like a truck.

3. Destroy the Vehicle First

The third very important way for a team that wants to control the bridge is to destroy the vehicles first. After positioning the vehicle in a zigzag position and distance, shoot the vehicle until it shatters and becomes a vehicle wreck. Look for a safe distance to be able to destroy the vehicle so that your team doesn’t get damaged.

The goal of destroying the vehicle first so that the opposing team does not destroy your team vehicle. If your vehicle is not destroyed, it will be easy for the opposing team to finish off your team by blowing up these vehicles. It will inflict damage on your team especially if your team members are close to the vehicle. Moreover, to hide behind it.

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Those are 3 ways to master the bridge using a vehicle. Follow the tips above to be able to master the bridge on the PUBG Mobile maps so that your team can win the match. Thank you!