5 Attachment in Free Fire (FF) To Make Your Weapon Better

n Free Fire, there are many types of vehicle that you can use, and the fastest vehicle will get you anywhere faster than others. Other than that, there’s also some information regarding the best weapon in Free Fire that you can check out. By knowing the weapons, you’ll know how to kill the enemy fast. Here we have some information on the 5 attachment in Free Fire that you can use to make your weapon better.

5 Attachment in Free Fire (FF)


The basic function of this attachment is to save your bullets that your weapon is going to fire with. Magazine size is the main standard to determine the ammo capacity of every weapon. If you’re using an extended mag, then you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo quickly. Using this attachment can be important for you to use more ammo in your weapon. This attachment is available to almost all weapons in the game.


This attachment is really useful to help you fire your weapon. It’s because this attachment can help you decrease the amount of recoil, or it can reduce a muzzle flash. So if you’re using this type of attachment, your weapon will be more stable, more accurate, and it can even be more powerful depending on what kinds of muzzle that you’re using. This attachment is important for every weapon, mainly the sniper rifle in Free Fire.


This attachment’s function is to increase the stability of your weapon as you fire your weapon. This attachment is frequently used by players who use long range weapons as their main weapons. It’s important for long range weapons. Because if you’re looking at a long range target, it will be difficult for you to shoot on target without the proper weapon stability. Use a fore grip in order to find more accuracy and increase the weapon stability. It will be very useful for long range weapons like the assault rifle and the sniper rifle in Free Fire.


This attachment has the same function as the muzzle ones. But the difference is that this attachment is useful for you to reduce the firing sound of your weapon. This attachment will make your enemy having a hard time locating your position, because the weapon firing noise will be reduced with this attachment. This attachment is important to all weapons.


This attachment is also one of the most important thing to have in Free Fire. The scope’s function is to help you locate your enemy with a closer look. With a bigger scope, it will zoom towards your target even more. Making you kill your enemy from afar becomes way easier than before. This attachment is really important for sniper rifles.

And that’s some of the attachment available in Free Fire that you can use in the game. Make sure to follow my esports for more tips to come!