5 Best Mid Lane Mages in League of Legends Wild Rift

On this occasion we will provide some recommendations for the list of the Best Mid Lane Mage in League of Legends Wild Rift. This is to support your game in the League of Legends Wild Rift game,

Ability Power mage has always been a reference for the mid lane meta in League of Legends. Many things in the game were adjusted in Wild Rift. The mobile version of League of Legends is currently in the open beta stage.

While it may not be called the right meta right now, there are a few Wild Rift heroes that stand out from the crowd. This is especially true in the early games and the impact on the late games.

In the mid line, there are certain mages who are a threat to deal with on the line, and can completely take over team fights while in front. Mages come in with as much blast as killers but have an extra crowd control tool in their kit. This allows them to dictate the flow of the game and change the flow of battle.

Here are the 5 Best Mid Lane Mages in League of Legends Wild Rift:


Wild Rift
by Riot Games

Damage, CC, and shields; Wild Rift’s Lux has it all. His equipment is one of the most versatile of all wizards. This allows it to be a viable flexible option for the mid line and as a support.

His Light Binding-Final Spark combo is one of the most broken things in the game right now. The amount of damage he could deal in the later stages of this game was disgusting. He could be 100 to zero ADC hotshot opponents in the blink of an eye, and the amount of explosions he could put out was extremely difficult to deal with.

However, all of Lux’s abilities required shooting skills. This is why he’s more difficult to master than some of the other AP champions in the middle lane.


Wild Rift
by Riot Games

Ahri is a burst mage assassin with a very versatile build path. The player can create mage controls from it, making use of the Spells and their mobility. Or, they can be a killer, and build a lot of power in their equipment.

Just like Lux, Ahri is also quite difficult to master. Wild Rift players need a fair amount of time and investment to use it properly. Her ultimate Spirit Rush gives her a lot of mobility, and she can run around team fights quite effectively. This makes him one of the hardest to beat Wild Rift mages.

Ahri’s early play might have been a little disappointing, but he came with good waves. This allows him to manage the minions, and push them hard into enemy towers.


Wild Rift
by Riot Games

Just like in League of Legends, Annie is an entry-level mid-line choice suitable for even new Wild Rift players. However, one major difference between the two is that in the mobile version of Annie’s Disintegrate it casts an area effect instead of casting a spell at a single target point.

His Molten Shield has been turned into a skill shot as well, allowing him a decent amount of space for skill expression. Annie’s passive ability, Pyromania, makes her a huge threat during the team fight at the end of the match. The “Flash into Tibbers” combo has translated quite nicely into Wild Rift. The Dark Child is a force to be reckoned with in the final stages of the game.


Wild Rift
by Riot Games

Orianna never really went outside the meta level. This hero known as The Lady of Clockwork has always been relevant in League of Legends, and has become one of the most popular choices in pro-level play and matchmaking standards.

Likewise, Orianna is just as versatile and powerful in the Wild Rift. His ability to develop rapidly in the late game is what makes him highly sought after by players.

Orianna’s ultimate ability, Shockwave, can change the flow of battle on her own. It’s the most influential ability in the game, but making the most of it and not missing it completely, takes a lot of practice.

Orianna is one of the toughest heroes in the Wild Rift. However, once mastered, he could become a powerhouse that could easily overthrow enemy teams.

Aurelion Sol

Wild Rift
by Riot Games

When making adjustments from League of Legends to Wild Rift, Aurelion Sol did not receive any new changes to his equipment. He plays the same way on the mobile version as he did in the original.

Even though the abilities might not look like much on paper, they had a very high damage value when fused together. The correct way to play Sol in Wild Rift is to keep him moving. Positioning will be key during the laning phase and during team fights in the final game.

Aurelion Sol requires a great amount of practice, but it can be a real pleasure after mastering it in team battles in the final stages of the match.

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