5 Lack of ZipLine Free Fire Features for FF Players

You must now know, some of the disadvantages of Zip Line Free Fire for these game players today. There are several advantages, and there is also such a thing as a drawback. We really need to know all things like this, so that later we know how to deal with it. Don’t forget this feature, even though there are shortcomings but it’s still quite useful.

In the future, every feature that is present in this game will definitely help us to compete later. But try to always understand things like this, because we also have to know that for example a feature that won’t always be very good. Surely there are some drawbacks that we can feel when using this too later.

The following are the drawbacks when FF players have ridden the zipline free fire:

So Easy On Enemy Trolls

Landmine Free Fire Technique

By the time we use this feature, of course we can go down or go up and stop where the Zip Line ends. Now when you use this feature, we will immediately stand on the ground. But it turns out that something like this, too, becomes an easy target for Trolls from the enemy.

Of course if it’s not Putting Landmine at the end of the Zip Line, once we get off it explodes. Surely the damage from the Landmine item is very large, so we will also die quickly too later. It is true, Zip Line is dangerous to use even though it has advantages too.

Soft Target of Snipers

Those of you who use Zip Line, really have to be able to keep an eye on the surroundings too. Because even though we can see freely when using this feature, there are times when we have to keep an eye on it before riding. Of course this will be one of the most important things for us to do later.

If you immediately use this feature without thinking, of course it can be a delicious meal for Snipers. When you use the Zip Line, of course we will not be able to use weapons or defend. So from that we will become one of the meals, from lethal weapons in Free Fire.

Sometimes A Waste Of Time When Wearing It

It’s true that we can move quickly using Zip Line, that’s the advantage we can get. But this drawback also could make our time, when competing later. Zip Line is indeed useful for those of us who want to, quickly move places later too.

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But unfortunately if it’s to make time, maybe we can do that too later. This wasted time can be for looting, as well as making plan preparations. So if you want to ride the Zip Line, try to meet the needs of the looting item.

One Down Will Be Fatal

Easy Pro FF Ways to Know the Enemy of Free Fire 2020

Finally, for those of you who use this feature, you can also go straight down without having to reach the end of the Zip Line. Of course this way you can also be faster, to achieve your goal using this Zip Line. Even so, you have to be able to go down carefully as well.

Because what we know today is Zip Line, it can make us die or die. Now that is because we immediately go down without thinking about what risks will be obtained. For example, if we go straight down near the ground there is no problem, but if it is still high this is a big problem.

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Zip Line is indeed one of the best features in this Free Fire game, don’t forget about it. But also get to know the Weaknesses and Strengths of this Feature information, so that later you can understand more about these features too.

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