5 Pro Tips and Tricks for Hanzo Mobile Legends, Play Deadly Assassin ML!

Hanzo is a mobile legends assassin hero role who has a very interesting skill set. With his skill set, Hanzo can do flash farm very quickly and also have wave clear effective in the laning phase. He also has a deadly DPS from both of his forms. This time there are 5 Pro Hanzo Mobile Legends Tips and Tricks that can Play Deadly Assassin ML

The uniqueness of Hanzo is his ultimate skill where he can cast a shadow that can be used for battle. This shadow has a different skill set from Hanzo and the damage is very high thanks to good scaling.

Hanzo can even fight many heroes at once without a lack of HP and can kill enemies from a very safe distance, but remember that he is very vulnerable when using ulti.

Here we will provide some tips and tricks for using Hanzo in Mobile Legends. As a deadly assassin, he is rather difficult to use.

The Pro Way to Play Hanzo Mobile Legends


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First of all, you have to pay attention to the draft pick of the entire team. Hanzo is indeed very deadly and can counter many heroes, especially against squishy enemies because Hanzo can enter the back line without problems.

Hanzo Mobile Legends also has AoE DPS skills that are very sick and even very strong when playing with Tigreal in teamfight. But the problem is when he uses the ulti.

When Hanzo uses the ulti, his real body will fall behind and remain silent, this can be easily used by enemy assassins who have high mobility. Hanzo will be easy on shutdown by heroes like Ling, Hayabusa, Natalia, and others.



After passing draft surely you will start the game. At the beginning of the game you are very strong in achieving gold excellence thanks to his S1. Hanzo can clean jungle and lane very quickly, take advantage of this.

You can also use a strong S1 to get big monsters invade. At level 1 Hanzo can steal the enemy’s creep buff and run away. This will be very detrimental to enemy heroes, of course.



When the ulti is not yet active, Hanzo has a very strong poke skill thanks to his S2. His S2 has a slow AoE DPS which is quite scary to enemies and can also fill Hanzo’s stack.

When he got the ulti, Hanzo began to hunt safely. But always remember your shadows provide an indicator of your real body.



Hanzo’s job is very simple. Continue to do gank to make the enemy carry unable to do anything and also in team fight, finish off their back line. Hanzo with his ult can give very high damage. Plus, Hanzo can do damage from a safe place, very detrimental to the enemy.

Use ulti -> run towards the enemy -> S2 -> S1 -> auto attack. Try your S2 about all the damage so that your S1 stack is full and can burst high. All Hanzo’s damage skills are AoE and benefit greatly when enemies gather so you can get lots of kills easily.


As a unique assassin, Hanzo doesn’t really need jungling items because his S1 can farm very quickly. ASPD items are very necessary because Hanzo needs a stack effectively and his skills do have painful damage. Prioritize ASPD items such as Demon Hunter Sword, Corossion Scythe, and also Wintalker. You can also use crit builds like Scarlett.

Those are some tips and tricks for using Hanzo so that you can play very easily. As an assassin who has high damage and can also play very safely, Hanzo has indeed become a terror to the enemy team who cannot lock down himself.