5 Reasons for Lapu-Lapu to be Meta in MPLI 2020

We already know that currently one of the biggest Mobile Legends MPLI 2020 tournaments is taking place, in which the tournament has one of the underrated heroes, namely lapu-lapu being meta and widely played. Then what are the reasons why Lapu-Lapu meta at MPLI 2020?

Lapu-Lapu is one of the hero fighter assassins, never even been tricked before. Moreover, in the MPL ID Season 6 tournament, this one hero was never even played. But what’s interesting is that Lapu-Lapu is actually very popular in MPLI 2020 as if it replaced Ruby’s role in the last MPL. Of course, we are very curious about the reasons why Lapu-Lapu is popular in MPLI 2020?

On this occasion, Esportsku will give you several reasons why one of the Lapu-Lapu fighter assassin heroes is very popular and played a lot in the 2020 MPLI tournament. Now for those of you who are curious, see the full review below.

Reasons for Lapu-Lapu to be Meta at MPLI 2020

Get the Latest Revamp & Buff

Last October, Lapu-Lapu received the latest revamp as well as the buff that made him excel in the competition. Which is where Lapu-Lapu gets various interesting things, such as faster ultimate activation. This is the main reason Lapu-Lapu is now increasingly meta in MPLI 2020.

Deadly Combo Skill

In ultimate mode, Lapu-Lapu is almost invincible, in that mode Lapu-Lapu will change its weapon from 2 weapons to one weapon, and then will give a deadly attack. In this mode, players usually use the Flicker + Ultimate combo which can provide surprise attacks on opponents quickly and at the same time stun. And of course, every attack will have a huge effect on the opponent.

A Strong CC Bust and Bust Attack

Before the update, Lapu-Lapu only had burst attacks, which was not enough to provide resistance to opponents. But in the latest revamp update, Moonton gave a CC effect in the form of a stun so that Lapu-Lapu is now one of the meta heroes in Mobile Legends.

The Most Tough Hero Assassin

Surely you think that the assassin hero is one of the heroes with low durability, so it is quite difficult in team fight. Hero assassins tend to be easy to beat quickly because they have quite a bit of HP. However, unlike Lapu-Lapu, this one hero has the blood of a fighter, if his durability is weak, Lapu-Lapu is a hero with excellent durability.

Ability That Is Suitable To Be Used As Offlaner

Finally, Lapu-Lapu is very suitable to be played as an offlaner hero, where all aspects of Lapu-Lapu’s skills make it comparable to Thamuz and Yu Zhong. Doing clear waves, farming, push turrets, roaming, entering teamfight, and defending from ganking are quite easy for Lapu-Lapu to do.

So, those are some reasons why Lapu-Lapu is one of the most meta heroes in MPLI 2020 which is currently taking place in Mobile Legends. You are certainly curious about why this one underrated hero suddenly entered the meta ranks in Mobile Legends.