5 Tips for Using Elements in Genshin Impact

As you know, every character in genshin impact has different elements in its use. You can use different elements in your party to perform elemental reactions on enemies, or the same element in your team to get elemental resonance. Here we will discuss the elements in genshin impact.

The elements in genshin impact are very unique to use. You can use it to attack enemies with elemental reactions, or use the same element to give the team a buff. By utilizing every element in these characters, you can strengthen your karatker better. There are also many ways you can strengthen your character through elemental use.

Tips for using elements in genshin impact can strengthen your character. What are the tips, can be seen below:

  1. Maximum use of elements
  2. Elemental reaction
  3. Elemental Resonance
  4. Team Composition

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. The use of good elements, helps you in attacking certain monsters.

Here we will provide tips on Tips for Using Elements in Genshin Impact. There are many ways you can use elementals in genshin impact. You can not only make your character stronger, but you can also use it to attack enemies.

Maximum use of elements

The use of elements has different uses. For example, you can burn the shield that is on the monster so that you can do more damage, or fight slime monsters that have certain elementals. You can also destroy the shiled Abyss Mage by using elementals, to make it faster.

Elemental Reaction

Elemental Reaction can also help you attack enemies. You can use the Cyro-Electro combination to reduce the enemy’s Physical Res or use Pyro-Electro to make an explosion at the enemy. There are still many other elemental reactions that you can try, to attack your enemies faster

Elemental Resonance

If you use 2 chara which has the same element or more, you can get elemental resonance. Buff on each element is different. Some can increase recharge energy, some increase damage, and some can even reduce cooldown skills and increase your stamina when running. Depending on your needs, you can use a more suitable party

Team composition

Lastly is the composition of the team. Use all of the above and incorporate it into your team composition. Elemental resonance fire with sub cyro and electro, can help you increase damage and reduce enemy def. You can also use other elemental combinations, which suit your own way of playing.

Those are some tips for using elements in Genshin Impact. By using elements properly in genshin impact, you can strengthen your character even stronger. For example, you use 2 pyro and 2 geo, it has given a high enough% + atk for the team. However, it’s better for you to play in your own way. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku

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