5 Valorant Agents With Highest Potential

Valorant is an FPS that is probably on the rise in popularity. This is because Valorant is an FPS that successfully combines classic FPS with moba, similar to Overwatch. Some of the Valorant agents with the highest potential are strong enough for you.

Agents are the names of characters or heroes here. They are the key to your victory with a variety of skills and utilities that can be used. Each agent has different potential.

There are those that look normal but will be very overpowered if you understand. There is also someone who looks strong but is stuck there its potential. Now for players who want to develop, some of these agents can help.

They are the top choice of many people. Even in pro play it will often be found to be used. Of course it would be terrible if given to players who were able to take advantage of them.

Some of the Valorant agents with the highest potential can certainly help you achieve victory:

  1. Sova
  2. Omen
  3. Raze
  4. Yoru
  5. Jett

Esportsku has summarized some of the agents that have high potential. With their setup and outplay, of course in the right hands it can be deadly.

Here, let’s discuss the Valorant agents with the highest potential. Try practicing with them and understand the many setups as well as the very strong outplay in Valorant later.


Sova may be agents that look simple, but they are the deepest in terms of skills. Sova who is very good can control the entire map very easily, and also an interesting deny.

In post plant and retake, Sova is king. With his recon and shock bolts, he can mess up the opponent. But you have to really understand which setup and map are quite difficult.


Omen is one of the best agents today. As a controller, Omen has the best smoke with an infinite amount, a large blind area, and also a terrifying teleport.

Omen’s potential is in his skillset. If you know how to use Omen, you will benefit greatly. Starting from one way smoke, holding chokepoints, wide blinds, teleport that can reach many places, and global telephoto for flanking / opening maps.


Raze is a duelist that is quite fun to play thanks to its high mobility. His high potential is what makes him strong thanks to his clearing and bounce. At first it was quite difficult to play if you weren’t used to it.

You could say Raze is the agent that can rush the fastest. He can even jump directly to the site depending on the map when the round starts. Not to mention the very unsettling ultimate.


The newest agent that came out in Act 3 is no joke. If you like playing CS and also doing mind games then he is very suitable. Yoru has pop flash strong and well exploited sense opponent.

Himself can deceive opponents by giving footstep fake, teleport, open the map at high speed, and also a terrifying flash. The potential at this time was very high to master.


If you are looking for a duelist with the highest mobility then Jett is the choice. He can do a very fast dash and can run away easily. His dash is what makes it difficult to use.

Depending on the map and position, even Jett can use the dash to open the map and do a self-boost. In fact, he can kill opponents far enough away by jumping and peering at the wall from above.

Those are some of the Valorant agents with the highest potential. Extremely strong and terrifying, they could use their skillset to gain an edge. In fact, they can make the enemy very difficult.

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