Aui_2000 Entered Roster Secret For TI6 Qualification

Team Secret has just registered at FACEIT to undergo the TI6 qualification, but there is something interesting here, the name Kurtis ‘Aui_2000’ Ling is on their roster list for the TI6 competition. After sacrificing a regional invite opportunity for The International 6 tournament for violating Valve’s roster lock rules, Team Secret was forced to qualify to play at TI6.

Dota players can use this as one of the players that you can see the advantages in the game. One player who can be counted on at every phase and also every thing that can be done well. It’s a good roster to win one of these good tournaments in 2016. Make sure you watch their match

Other nicknames that are quite familiar to guess, such as, “Lorne-Malvo” is probably Sam “Bulba” Sosale, and “peanutpie” is Johan “pieliedie” Astrom. Theeban “1437” Siva is the team coach, and Matthew “Cyborgmatt” Bailey is Secret’s manager.

Another name registered and the subject of conversation is Aui_2000 which is likely to become a stand-in for Team Secret for The International 6.

With the names above you can watch for a much better game to play that can be relied on during the game later. Dota 2 players can witness their prowess in the upcoming 2016 international event. With such a complete roster you can see the depth in their play.

This makes you have to look carefully at their later games in other games so you can improve your Dota 2 skills. Another name for this secret team can be used as a win later. So, just watch how this game will take place at the biggest and also grandest event in Dota 2.