Banned One Million Cheaters October-November 2020 at PUBG Mobile

As a popular battle royale game that has millions of active players all over the world, it is undeniable that we can still find cheaters, hackers, and others who are still roaming the PUBG Mobile game. To overcome this, the cheater accounts are periodically banned. As is being done this time, the anti-cheat system has banned one million cheaters in the past week at PUBG Mobile and here is complete information about the latest report.

Cheaters, hackers, and other people who like to do illegal actions in games are our common enemies, namely the PUBG Mobile team as well as the players. The existence of cheaters has made the battle royale game ecosystem chaotic. Their goal is to benefit themselves. But in reality their actions are also detrimental to other players and PUBG Mobile itself.

Therefore it is a collective obligation to be able to restore a healthy game ecosystem in the PUBG Mobile game. One of them is what the PUBG Mobile anti-cheat system continues to do, which is to regularly eradicate cheater accounts. Here is the latest report on the anti-cheat system in the past week.

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The Anti-Cheat System Banned One Million Cheaters Last Week on PUBG Mobile

banned one million cheaters

Every week the PUBG Mobile anti-cheat team continues to work in detecting and imposing bans on cheater accounts in the PUBG Mobile game. Even though every report tells about millions of cheater accounts that have been banned, in fact we can still find these sneaky activities in the PUBG Mobile game.

Luckily the numbers decreased. In the past, two to three million accounts were banned. However, the last two reports show that only about one million accounts are banned. That means the number of cheaters has started to decrease.

In the latest PUBG Mobile anti-cheat system report from 23-29 October 2020 informs that as many as 1,638,088 PUBG Mobile accounts that are sneaky because of using cheats, hacks, and other illegal acts are subject to permanent bans and suspensions on devices that use them so that they can no longer access the game. this. The following is the latest report.

Types of Tier Affected by Cheats

Based on the link above, we can see what types of tiers are affected by cheats. Starting from the lowest, Bronze to the highest, Conqueror. Here are the details.

  • Conqueror 1%
  • Ace 7%
  • Crown 12%
  • Diamond 15%
  • Platinum 15%
  • Gold 12%
  • Silver 10%
  • Bronze 28%

From the description above, there are 1% of Conqueror tier players out of the million players who have been banned in the past week. I don’t know which region he is Conqueror from but this is really embarrassing. Tier Ace also reached 7% of the million players who were banned. It’s quite big!

Type of Cheat

In addition to the type of tier that is banned, the PUBG Mobile anti-cheat system report also provides information about what types of cheats were used so that the impact was banned. Here are the details.

  • X-Ray Vision / Wallhack 31%
  • Auto-Aim Hacks / Aimbot 28%
  • Character Mod 2%
  • Speed ​​Hacks 24%
  • Area Damage Mod
  • Others 12%

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That is the latest report on the PUBG Mobile anti-cheat system which again banned millions of cheat accounts roaming this game. Let’s support the PUBG Mobile team in eradicating the cheaters who roam this game. Thank you!