Diggie Mobile Legends, Build ML Items, Emblems, and Best Battle Spells

Diggie is one of the support heroes in Mobile Legends who can produce quite a lot of damage from the one skill he has. Often this hero builds using mage items that can increase the damage from his skills. Well, this time we will discuss about Diggie Mobile Legends, Build ML Items, Emblems, and the best Battle Spell that you can try.

Diggie is a support hero who has subscribed to tires in ranked mode in the current meta season because it can make the team that faces this hero a bit of a hassle.

Diggie the Best Mage Hero in Mobile Legends

Diggie’s skills in Mobile Legends can make it difficult for enemies to move freely if hit by two of these heroes’ skills. His second skill makes a mark around the enemy which can attract him back.

This skill is perfect for counting heroes who have agile movements. In addition, Diggie is a support hero who has a pretty good ultimate skill because it can make all teammates free from all kinds of crowd control effects for three seconds.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of how the pros play Diggie along with build items and emblems as well as battle spells that are suitable for this Diggie Mobile Legends hero.

For those of you who are curious, you can immediately see the full explanation below! Understand and study carefully so you can play pro using Hero Diggie Mobile Legends.


Best Diggie Item Build in Mobile Legends

The following is an explanation of the best build items for Diggie heroes in Mobile Legends. By using this build item, of course Diggie will become stronger and can provide good support for your team, let’s take a look at the build items below!

Demon Shoes

The first item that is suitable and highly recommended for heroes like Diggie is Demon Shoes. Even though Diggie is a support hero, he has great damage skills. Therefore, this Demon Shoes item can be the right choice to maximize Diggie’s performance in the game.

Demon Shoes is one of the items that must be built for Diggie for the first time. By using this item, it will increase the hero’s Movement Speed ​​by +40.

In addition, Demon Shoes also provides +30 Mana Regen and has a passive skill that can restore mana if the hero succeeds in eliminating the opponent or provides an assist of 10%. When killing a minion it will also regenerate 4% of its mana.

Necklace Of Durance

Necklace Of Durance or what is often referred to as NoD is perfect for Diggie because it can provide a counter to an opposing hero who has a fairly fast HP regen.

NoD can reduce the regen effect of opponents affected by Diggie’s skills if using this item by 50% for three seconds. Additional +60 Magic Power, + 5% Cooldown Reduction, and + 10% Magical Lifestill are also given to Diggie.

Fleeting Time

Fleeting Time is one of the magic items that is perfect for Diggie because it can reduce the cooldown of his ultimate skill by 30% if he successfully eliminates the opponent or provides assists.

Diggie’s ultimate skill is indeed very useful when it comes to war because it can erase the cc effect for 3 seconds. Therefore this item is perfect for him.

Athena Shield

Athena Shield is a defense item that can provide protection in the form of a shield that covers the entire body of the hero using this item.

Diggie will get protection which makes it even more tanky. From this item Diggie also gets additional status in the form of +900 HP, +62 Magical Defense, and +20 HP Regen.


Immortality can also make Diggie quite tanky when it enters the late game. By using this item Diggie if dead will be able to come back to life as long as the passive skill of the Immortality item is still active.

Diggie will come back to life with the remaining HP of 15% of the Max HP it has. In addition, you will also get an additional +800 HP and +40 physical defense.

Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice is one item that is very useful for Diggie in counting enemy heroes who have a fairly fast attack speed.

By using this item Diggie can reduce the opponent’s movement speed by 10% and can also reduce the opponent’s attack speed by 30% for nearby opponents.


Diggie Mobile Legends emblem

Because Diggie is a support hero, it is very suitable to use the Custom Support Emblem emblem set. In the first tier it is recommended to use full Agility because it can make Diggie’s movement speed increase by + 6%.

This can help him in rotating and ganking with the hero core.
At the second tier it is recommended to increase Regen Hybrid fully to get a useful regen effect for Diggie. Using this recovery makes Diggie even stronger.

In the third tier, Diggie is strongly advised to use the Focusing Mark talent which can make it increase damage to teammates against opponents who are hit by its skill by 6% for three seconds. This can help your teammates win the war easily.

Battle Spell Diggie Mobile Legends

The battle spell that is very suitable for use by Diggie has two battle spells, namely Flicker and Revitalize. Both of these are very helpful for Diggie in supporting the team. Players wear as needed when playing. Especially if there are many CC heroes it’s better to use Flicker or if you want to be full support you can use revitalize


Battle Spell Flicker can make him run away instantly if he gets ganged up on by an enemy. Flicker will be very effective if used in the right timing. With this you don’t need to be afraid of being diggie to be ganged up on. This escape spell helps Diggie to bite his opponent during the game /


Revitalize will also be very helpful because this battle spell can regen HP to your teammates. This will be very useful if there is a war going on. Use one of these spells according to the conditions.

How to Play and Gameplay in Diggie Mobile Legends

Early Game

In the Early Game you only need to focus on providing follow-up support to the core hero of your team. That way you can make your Core get level 4 faster and can do ganking and rotation with your team’s Core hero.

Mid Game

While in the Mid Game, always provide good support to your teammates and when there is a war, focus on spamming one and two skills to disrupt the opponent’s formation.

Late Game

When you enter the late game, pay attention to your position when using Diggie. Look for a good position to spam your enemy’s skills and use your ulti at the right timing so you can win the war easily.

So, that’s the pro way of playing Diggie in Mobile Legends, which we have explained. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. That is all and thank you!