Don’t Want to Be Too Addicted to Playing PUBG Mobile? Here’s the Solution!

It has become commonplace to hear that there is someone who really can’t escape while playing a game. Really addicted to the point of forgetting time, which is certainly not good for anyone who experiences it.

PUBG Mobile itself has even used a health reminder which when you play too long for more than six hours, PUBG Mobile will warn you to stop. There are even cases where their PUBG Mobile cannot be opened, and can only be played the next day.

PUBG Mobile certainly cares about the health of its players, but do players care about their own health? Don’t be too addicted to playing games, because basically anything that is excessive is not good, right?

In order to maintain the health of PUBG Mobile players, see the explanation below to find out how to avoid addiction to playing the PUBG Mobile game!

Don’t Want to Be Too Addicted to Playing PUBG Mobile? Here’s the Solution!

Install an Alarm Reminder for a Maximum of 2-3 Hours

The quickest way to keep yourself from getting too addicted is to install an alarm reminder. Of course, none of this will work if you don’t have a high will, but if you really want to avoid addiction to playing games, at least take a break every 2-3 matches.

Ask Friends to Remind

You must have friends who are always invited to play PUBG Mobile together. Ask them to remind you, and you also don’t forget to remind your friends. Reminding each other for better things, it’s not a difficult thing right?

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Remember That Live Socializing Is Necessary!

Spending time in front of a smartphone or laptop screen is not a good thing, keep in mind that there are people around you who you need to socialize with.

For example, like your parents or even your siblings, reduce your game time if it’s too much and start to get used to socializing directly. Playing Gme is not wrong, but just as necessary!

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Don’t Play in Free Time

Play at an empty time, not at a time when you are doing important activities. Like playing PUBG Mobile in the middle of work or study time, this is not a good thing.

Start learning to determine the priority scale, because the game is not everything!

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Remember, Health is More Important Than Games!

It’s not funny if you get sick from staring at the screen for too long. Such as rising stomach acid or ulcers due to hunger, dehydration due to lazy drinking water while playing PUBG, lack of blood due to irregular sleep time, or it could attack your eyes like eyes that have become minus because they are dealing with the screen too long.

Health is number one, not a game. So keep in mind, that your health is more important than games.

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Based on our explanation above, we hope that all of our readers are players who always play PUBG Mobile according to the rules and abilities of the body without having to sacrifice health and things that are important in your real life.

Stay heathy, and thank you for listening!