Estes Mobile Legends Item Build, ML Spell, and the Best Emblem, Pro Guide!

Estes is a strong hero role mobile legends Healer. Estes fills the side lane role as support that helps the marksman. With his heal and CC skills, Estes is a hero who can help your mobile legends team to victory. This time we will discuss the best Estes Mobile Legends Item Build, ML Spell, and Emblem that you can try.

Estes has the ability to help marksman to be able to farm safely, even though Estes is a Support-Healer hero, Estes also has skills to block enemy movements such as slow AOE.

This buff and heal from Estes is what often makes marksman happy. The reason is that with the protection from Estes, marksman can farm comfortably and also has the opportunity to get a kill when the opponent is off guard.

Estes Mobile Legends

Like his rolenya, Estes is a hero support-healer who can help Marksman. With his passive skill, Estes can attack heroes even from a distance. even though his skills are difficult to use when used properly, Estes is a pretty fierce hero. Like Heal which can help friends and Slow AOE damage that can attack enemies.

Estes is not a hero who can play alone, Estes must have a team that can help him, because Estes himself is a squisy hero. Thanks to his skill like ultimate he can heal one team and turn things around even in team fight. Compared to other Support-Heals such as Rafaela, Estes has more Heal and can achieve all team members.

Here we will provide a guide for this one support hero in Mobile Legends. Estes himself fills a strong Support role and cannot be underestimated, because he can guard Marksman and become a threat to enemy marksman.


Estes uses items that can help to stay alive and items that can reduce Cooldown so that her skills can be used continuously. Even though Estes is a support hero, remember he is quite squisy. But if you are fun, you can add AP items to help the team attack the enemy.

Here we will provide Estes build items that are suitable for the support-healer role. If you intend to make Estes with AP you can try the Alternative Items below as a reference. The following build items can be changed as the game progresses, so don’t be too fixated with the build items.


Demon Shoes is an item that Estes needs, because Estes is a hero who can be said to be wasteful of mana. This item is needed so that Estes can use the skill continuously. That way Estes can encourage Enemy Marksman and help the Allies team when they are in trouble. so with this item you don’t need to be afraid of running out of mana.

If you want to be Roamer-Active, you can replace your shoes with rapid boots and buy another mana regen item.


This item can reduce the ultimate CD Reduction when you get a kill or assist. With this item Estes can use the Ult continuously. This item is very useful, what else is the ultimate that can heal the team continuously.


With this item Estes can withstand even fatal attacks, but it should be remembered that this item has a long CD so it must be used at critical times and with the right timing. Estes can advance to the front lines as a Healing Machine then when your HP is nearing exhaustion you can heal yourself then use this item so you don’t get hit by damage.


One more item that can help you to be able to help your team longer. If you die you can come back to life, after that you can heal yourself, that way you can support your team longer.

Remember this item can only awaken the hero 2 times, after which this item loses its Passiveness. So if you have used this item usage limit it is advisable to sell this item and buy another item.


Even though Estes squisy he can cover his shortcomings with his heal, therefore with this item you can prevent burst damage and heal or when the Team fight you can tank the team with the Heal. With this item you have time to run away from other heroes, so you can run from ADC or mentank the Team during a team fight.


One more item that can help Survivability Estes. The shield can help Estes from enemy attacks so you can help the team receive damage. So Estes’ Squisy Deficiency can be covered


In addition to the items above, you can use the following alternative items. Usually the item increases AP Estes as additional Damage but decreases its Survivability Level. The following items are Alternative and Their Use.


This item is optional and only used if the enemy has excessive Heal or lifesteal such as Alucard and Rafaela. By using this item you can prevent the enemy from getting Heal, so if the enemy doesn’t have excessive Heal, this item is not needed.


You can use this item if you don’t wear Mana Regen shoes. The advantage of this item is that you get CD Reduction and mana regen, but you have to sacrifice 1 item slot. For shoes you can replace with other shoes such as Rapid Boots for Roaming, Tough Boots As lowering CC, or Magic Shoes In addition to the Reduction CD.

Ice Queen Wand

You can use Ice Queen if you want to give your enemy an additional slow. This item will make it difficult for the enemy hero to run away from you, because they will get an additional slow when the skill damage from the user of this item hits the enemy.


Estes has many battle spell options, but here are the battle spell options that can help Estes in the team fight and survivability, there are also those that can help Estes to roam and help other lanes. The following is the Battle Spell and an explanation of its use as support.


One of the best Battle Spells. The reason is that Estes has CC from Skill one and Heal from skill two and Ulti. So this item can prevent enemies from issuing CC skills such as Stun, therefore this Battle Spell can help you to continue to support the team.


The following Battle Spell can help you heal the Team. But the problem is that the range is small and will be very ineffective if the enemy has Anti-heal. However, this Battle Spell will be very useful if your team can gather at one point and have a strong CC to hold formation. Even though it’s not good to have a good team this Battle Spell is very fierce. Benefit from the opportunity to use heal because most players don’t understand Anti-heal.


The Battle Spell is very useful whether it’s chasing or escaping. This battle spell can be used to chase a team of friends so they can heal quickly, you could say it is like an emergency ambulance. The weakness of this Battle Spell is CC. This Battle Spell will be wasted if you get CC like Stun or Immobile, so be careful when using it.


The emblem used is usually Support, but if you want more Tanky you can use the Tank Emblem. But here Estes is better off using Emblem Support because the effects that are very useful in Team Fight such as Buffs and Debuffs So Emblem Support is the best.


Agility, with this emblem you can Roaming quickly and can help other lanes quickly. This emblem is widely used by other heroes as well so this emblem is also good for Estes considering the role that requires helping the team.


Gift, this emblem will strengthen Estes ‘Healing skill, because this emblem increases Estes’ Healing Effect. So Estes can Menheal Better.


Avarice, this emblem is very useful because you can get gold easily. Given that Estes’ Skill can attack enemy heroes easily, the Gold obtained will be faster. Use this Emblem to chase Gold pushing Enemies.


Estes is a harass hero who can annoy enemies easily. In terms of damage, Estes can be said to be low, but when exposed to skills continuously it will disturb the enemy and force the enemy to retreat. In addition, Estes has skill heal, so it will be difficult to make Estes and Marksman retreat because his Heal makes them stay on the lane longer.

Estes is a hero who has reliable Heal and CC. When the team is fighting, Estes only needs to help a friend’s HP and if there is a chance Estes can interfere with enemy movements with skill one. Passive can hit the opponent’s Hero as additional damage, so pay attention to passive when it is fully charged you only need to attack the closest hero or minion with a nearby hero. Even though Estes is a squisy hero, Estes is very difficult to approach because of his Skill kit.

early game: Limit the use of excessive skills so that Mana doesn’t run out. Even though the skill can interfere with the enemy if the mana runs out it will be difficult and forced to return to base. But it’s a different story if you have made Mana Regen items, Spam skills on enemies and heal friends if their HP drops

mid game: In the mid game Estes is a threat to the opposing team, because his slow skill interferes with the opposing team to act and the healing speed is faster. but you have to be careful of enemy assassins, because Estes doesn’t have an escape skill.

late game: In the late game you have to finish the game quickly because the healing will lose with enemy damage that is too strong to heal and dangerous if the enemy has bought anti-heal.

That’s the Complete Guide to Estes Support-heal from build items to how to play. Estes has a skill that can regulate enemy movements and help heal friends to carry out Team fights from a distance with their ferocious Heal and CC. Estes is a fierce Support even in the back line he can help the team completely.