FF Weapons Deadly For Headshot Free Fire 2020

If you play the Free Fire game, of course you will use your favorite weapons to win each of these matches. In this game there are also lots of unique weapons to use, so you can use them all. This time there is a deadly FF Weapon for Free Fire 2020 Headshot

Of course, you can also use these weapons to be the winner, besides that, to determine which weapon will suit your gameplay.

In this Free Fire game, there are several types of weapons that are suitable for fighting enemies, be it for attacking from close range or for attacking long distances.

The damage from each of these weapons is also very different, some even can make the enemy immediately lose quickly. There are also several weapons that are very strong and have their own advantages, and are difficult to master.

In this FF game there are also several weapons that other players are fighting over.

These weapons are very dangerous to use, especially their headshot damage is very high. Use the following weapons for their high headshot damage;

  1. Groza
  2. SCAR
  3. FAMAS
  4. AWM
  5. XM8

These weapons have dangerous and deadly damage if they hit the opponent’s head. Esportsku make it easy by collecting these weapons for easy reading.

On this occasion we will explain information about weapons that are in contention.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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FF Weapons Deadly For Headshot Free Fire 2020

  1. Groza

This weapon is quite perfect in this type of Assault Rifle, has great damage and a very large fire rate. Not only that, the Recoil from Groza is very minimal, so you can even defeat enemies from a distance.

But to get this weapon, you have to go through an airdrop first. Airdrop will provide lots of interesting items to get, as well as become a grab in the game. So it’s no wonder that Groza is often contested.

  1. Scar

Next is Scar, this weapon has a type of Assault Rifle with enormous damage. Scar has a very small Recoil, and a very large Rate of Fire. It is not surprising that the enemy will lose more quickly when confronted with these weapons.

The advantage of this weapon also lies in its shooting accuracy, besides that Scar has high stability. So that you can, easily kill enemies from a distance. One more thing, the damage from the Deadly FF Weapon for Headshot Free Fire 2020 is very large.

  1. Famas

The next weapon has Recoil under AK 47, of course this weapon will be more stable when used in matches. Famas is also suitable for use at close range, not only because this weapon can be used against enemies from afar.

The damage generated from this weapon is also quite large, so it’s only natural that you can kill enemies easily.

  1. AWM

This deadly Free Fire weapon has a type as a Sniper Rifle, where AWM can only be used to fight enemies from a distance. Indeed, it can be used against enemies at close range, but it won’t be too effective so you will be killed by the enemy easily.

This weapon has great damage, it can even kill enemies with just one shot. Even though the enemy uses a level 3 Helmet, the helmet will also break instantly. This weapon is available in Airdrop, so it is very contested.

  1. Free Fire’s deadly weapon XM8

Now for this last weapon, it is only suitable for use at close or medium range. The XM8 weapon has a total of up to 30 bullets, this weapon cannot be used with Scope x4. But you can use Scope x2 to make the aim of this weapon better.

So, those are some of the Deadly FF Weapons for Headshot Free Fire 2020, which are often the ingredients for players to fight over in matches. How? Which weapon is your mainstay?

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