Franco Will Become a God! Here comes the Lucky Spin Skin next month!

Tank is one of the most important roles, when you play rank in Mobile Legends. The abilities of these tank heroes are quite unique and indeed very helpful, Tank can also be one of the heroes who protects all of his team members from the front. Franco Will Become a God! Here comes the Lucky Spin Skin next month!

One of the most feared tanks by all players is Franco. The ability of this Hero Tank is very unique, where he can kidnap enemies even from a distance. Not only that, Franco is also able to provide the Immobilize Effect with his Ultimate. The chances of you running away when you hit this skill, are around 0%.

Of course Franco is feared by many players, with Skill 1 Franco can attract enemies and give Stun. Skill 2 provides a long slow effect, allowing the enemy not to escape.

Also reported, Franco finally got an Epic Skin which can be obtained from Lucky Spin. If you want this Skin, you must prepare 4000 Diamonds because each Spin the price will continue to increase.

Franco’s Epic Skin is named Valhalla Ruler, and has the appearance of a god of all gods. But if you look again, the appearance of this Epic Skin looks like Odin in the Thor Movie.

On this occasion, we will give some appearance of the effects of the Franco Epic Skin.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Franco Valhalla Ruler’s Skill Effect

Franco’s basic attack raises the effect of a fast electric blow, the power of this lightning ax is very dangerous. Franco is stronger than before, besides that he can also become very tank again when he is in the front line of the Team.

Franco’s skill 1 is not throwing a hook or fishing hook anymore, but he throws a very sharp Lightning Spear. The chain used by Franco has also been replaced, the effect of the Franco chain has changed to a strong electric current. Of course this will make Franco’s appearance even better.

Franco’s Skill 2 will stomp his feet hard on the ground, usually only giving rise to hard waves. Now that it has been replaced by the shock of the lightning god’s electric current, all the enemies around him will definitely be hit by this lightning strike from this god Valhalla.

Franco’s Ultimate Skill will inflict continuous attacks on enemies who dare to fight him. Where this Ultimate will hit the enemy with a powerful spear and lightning ax. Enemies affected by this skill cannot escape, so the enemy will truly receive divine punishment.

So that’s some of the latest information about this latest Franco Skin. What do you think? Have you prepared a lot of money, so you can get this Franco Epic Skin?

Additional information only, this Franco Lucky Spin Skin will give you the first Spin for Free. But the chances of getting Epic Skins are slim, if not impossible.

If you have done the Free Spin, then you have to use diamonds. Each Spin will add the total price of the Spin. Just prepare 4500 Diamonds, but if you are lucky in the 3000 Diamond round, you can get this Skin.

Now that’s the information about Franco’s skin who will become a god in Mobile Legends, of course this skin is the latest Epic skin that will be present in Mobile Legends.

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