Free Epic Skins for Mobile Legends in the Latest ML Quiz 2020

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games today. If you ask gamers, especially Mobile Gamers, surely one of the games such as Mobile Legends, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile and Worms Zone io is installed on the smartphone. This time you can get Mobile Legends Epic Free Skin in the Latest ML Quiz 2020

Actually, there are many MOBA games in Indonesia today, such as AOV, League of Legends: Wild Drift, Marvel Super War and others. But still, Mobile Legends is the king of MOBA on the mobile platform, especially Indonesia.

Good news for you Mobile Legends gamers, reportedly Moonton will share Epic skins for free for all Mobile Legends players. Moonton made an event that will be presented in a limited time.

You can access this event either through the Mobile Legends game or directly to the official website. For those of you who are interested, take a look at the following reviews.

How to get free Epic skins in Mobile Legends

On this occasion, how to get epic skins for free in the Mobile Legends game, now for those of you who are curious and want to get lots of epic skins, you must see our review this time.

The method is very easy, for you Mobile Legends players, who want to get Epic skins for free, you can immediately open the Mobile Legends game, then click the menu. Event, then click the tab Global Events, click the menu Extraordinary Dimensions and click Go now

After that you will be facilitated to each browser and will automatically create an Event page on the Official Mobile Legends Website. The event itself has started from March 16 to March 21 2020. So hurry up and don’t miss it.

Answer the Quiz and Get Epic Skin

Free Epic Skins for Mobile Legends

After doing the above method correctly, you will enter a page called Land of Frost. So here’s what you can do in this latest Mobile Legends event.

Do the Quiz

First you will be given a question, and then have to answer it correctly. If successful and your answer is correct, then Moonton will give you an attractive gift.

You could say this is the essence of holding this Quiz. Therefore, you must answer as correctly as possible which you can answer from the following Quiz. By answering correctly, you will get access to a variety of other attractive offers.

Apart from that, you can also select a “Go” option to search for a clue if you have trouble answering the question.

Reward List

This menu is located to the right of the Gift Image. This Reward List is a menu that displays the various prizes that you can get at this event.

Get Stamina (Get Stamina)

Above the prize list menu, there is a lightning logo which is an option to get stamina. You can get the stamina to answer various questions in 2 ways, namely, inviting friends through social media and helping friends who are already connected.

Friends List

On this menu, you can see who your friends are who have followed and connected to this event.

Freya’s Epic Skin Event Prize: War Angel

Free Epic Skins for Mobile Legends

In accordance with the title above, the main prize is SKin Freya: War Angel which you can get for free. So for those of you who want, here are the steps for how to get it.

First Login

At the first login, you will get skin trial 1 and small appendage pack 1.

Invite Friends

By inviting friends, you can get Dimensional Chess 1 (chance to get epic skin if you get 21x) and Freya Trial Card 1.

Watching Dighters on Strmy Sea Trailer Chapter 1

Interesting prizes such as Ticket 20 + Skin Trial Franco Helloween.

Answering 1 Question Correctly

Answer the questions correctly and you will get the Freya Bikini 1 Skin Trial and 1 Premium Skin Fragment.

Unlock Land of Frost

You will get Emot Layla for 7 days and Lucky Ticket 1.

Scheduled 8 Questions Correctly

You will get Ticket 15 and Hero Fragment 1.

Opens the Ancestral Altar

Skin Trial Franco Starlight 1 and Fortune Metorite 2.

Answer 15 questions correctly

You will get 1 Arrival Toke, and Trial Light & Drak recal for 3 days,

Opens the Sacred Palace

You will have the opportunity to get Freya’s Epic Free Skin: War Angel or 100 Tickets.

So, those are the prizes that you can get at the latest Mobile Legends event this March, you will have the opportunity to get the Freya Epic War Angel Skin just by answering questions. Come on, immediately follow the Mobile Legends event and get the Skin.

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