How to Easily Change Guild Free Fire Names on FF

Right now we are all in the Covid 19 Pandemic Period, so the government also recommends that all of us stay at home. When you are in the house too, you must have felt the name Bored. If, for example, you are bored at home, try playing the Free Fire game now. This time there is a way to easily change the name of the Guild FF in Free Fire which we will discuss below.

As we know, this game has a Battle Royale type which is quite exciting, so you will never feel bored. Henceforth, the Free Fire game will feature a new character named Evelyn, which is the name of the previous Clu character.

In the future, the Free Fire game will definitely be better than before, so that we all will never get bored playing the Free Fire game. Yesterday we all had the latest June Update which was pretty good, so you will definitely never get bored.

Playing the Free Fire game does require a community name, of course this community has a Guild name in the game. There are even several Ways to Make a Famous Guild, so that later the guild will be even more crowded.

But not all guild leaders are satisfied with the guild nickname, of course they will also try to change the guild name to a better one. Now on this occasion, we will provide Information on Tips for Changing the Free Fire Guild Name.

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Tips for Changing the Guild Free Fire Name

Guild is one of the best communities in this Free Fire game, of course those of you who have this community will jointly build a guild to become more famous. Now with a feature like this, of course all Free Fire players can be united in a Guild.

Those of you who are guild leaders, must have a higher policy than the members. But it’s better to try to always be a pretty good leader, because if the guild leader isn’t good, it will be a pretty big problem.

Becoming the guild leader requires a lot of responsibility, so you shouldn’t waste this chairmanship. Make the guild better, build with Guild members to be the best and be in Rank 1.

In the future, you will definitely become the leader of this Guild, you will definitely feel bored with the name of the Guild. Surely the feeling of wanting to change the guild name will be even greater, in the following we will also provide a way to change the guild name.

Steps to Change Guild Name

First, all of you have to enter the Guild Menu, now in here there are many choices that we can try. Of course, if you want to change the guild name, you can see it directly to the right of the guild name.

Second, you just click the icon on the right, then it will be immediately brought into the Guild name change option. But before you change the guild name, it takes 500 Diamonds to change the guild name once.

Third, use a guild name that is polite and does not violate Garena’s terms, in this way the Guild name will definitely be good and many players will be interested in entering your guild later.

By creating a Guild community like this, of course you all will never regret it later. If you have built the guild to be the best, of course you shouldn’t disappoint the members.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.