How to Know Mobile Legends (ML) Account Server ID and Number

When you want to top up on Mobile Legends, you have to fill in the id column and your account server number. To find out this, you can try to find out the ID and server number for the Mobile Legends account.

As you know, Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games that gives you a variety of interesting games. This game is played by many people, from small children to adults.

When playing the Mobile Legends game, you are required to create a nickname or name for your account in Mobile Legends. The use of words for this nickname is very diverse and some may be difficult to recognize.

Mobile Legends also allows players to use the same nickname so that to differentiate between these accounts you must know how to find out the ID and server number of the Mobile Legends account.

No need to worry, for those of you who want to know the id and server number on your Mobile Legends account, the method is very easy. Each account also has a different id and server.

This server ID and number are of course very useful for you to find out your account if you find the same name. Not only that, the server id and number are also used when you top up.

So that your top up is smooth and without the need to log in to Mobile Legends. Very simple, flexible and of course fast to do without having to bother entering e-mails and the like.

Most kites to top up on Mobile Legends ask you to fill out a form in the form of a user ID and server number for your Mobile Legends account.

So for that, do the following methods to find out the ID and server number for the Mobile Legends account:

  1. First open the Mobile Legends game
  2. Click on your account profile avatar and you will enter the profile menu
  3. Next you only need to see the id and the serve number listed.
  4. Done, you already know the ID and server number of the Mobile Legends account

For those of you who are still unclear, you can see an explanation through the following screenshot image.

how to find the ID and server number of the Mobile Legends account

The lobby page when you enter the Mobile Legends game. Here are several main menus that you can access.

Click the top right on your avatar profile section to enter the profile menu

Now next to your account name there is your user id and also your server number in Mobile Legends, for id usually has 8 digit numbers and for server numbers only 4 digit numbers.

Easy to fix? That’s it, for how to find out the Mobile Legends id and server number easily and quickly. Now you can use your id and server number to top Mobile Legends diamonds easily.