How to Play Infection Mode on PUBG Mobile

To enliven the week of Halloween, PUBG Mobile is back with Infection mode. You can find a different and exciting style of play in this mode. In the following, we will provide how to play Infection mode on PUBG Mobile for those of you who still don’t understand how to play it.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game that has complex gameplay. To be able to master this one game, there are many things that must be prepared by players. For example, to be able to master weapons, players must understand the stats of various types of weapons.

Even though it is known as a battle royale game, PUBG Mobile also provides other game modes. Currently, for example, PUBG Mobile is bringing back the Infection mode to enliven the Halloween season in the game.

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Infection Mode is back at PUBG Mobile as one of the EvoGround modes to enliven the Halloween season which will take place at the end of October. This mode can be played since last October 16, 2020. This time we will give you a step by step method to be able to play Infection mode.

1. Update the PUBG Mobile Game Application

First of all, you have to update or update your PUBG Mobile game application. Of course if it is not updated, the Infection mode will not be available in the game menu. So, update to the latest version.

2. Enter the “Select Mode” Menu

After the update, enter PUBG Mobile. On the main page there is a “Select Mode” menu. Click the menu!

3. Enter EvoGround Mode

Then you will find several game modes that you can play. For information, Infection mode is included as part of EvoGround mode. Therefore, enter EvoGround mode to find the Infection mode option.

4. Enter Infection Mode


In EvoGround mode, there are three game modes. Like Team Deatmatch (TDM), the recently updated Payload 2.0, and Infection mode. Choose the Infection mode to play it.

If you can’t enter Infection mode it means your EvoLevel hasn’t reached level 5.Because to be able to open (unlock) This Infection mode the player must reach level 5 first.

5. Play As Zombie or Defender

After entering Infection mode, players will be randomized whether they will play as a zombie or a defender. So don’t be surprised if at the beginning of the game you become a zombie because that’s the game rule.

6. Know the Mission

If you play as a zombie, then your job is to infect the defenders in the game. That way they will turn into zombies just like you and become part of your team. If all the defenders are successfully infected with zombies, then the zombie team will be the winner.

If you play as a defender, your job is to kill as many other players as zombies as possible. Of course this will be a challenge because until the end of the game more and more players will be infected.

Each match has a duration. If there are still defenders who manage to survive until the end of the game, then the defender team wins.

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That’s how to play Infection mode on PUBG Mobile. Step by step we explain it to make it easier for those of you who want to play it. Play now and thank you!