How to Play Worms Zone Worms 2020 Fast Big Alaska And Long

In 2020 this is a success and the most popular on the App Store and Play Store, what else if it’s not a game called Worms Zone Io. This time there is a Worms Zone Worms Zone 2020 Worms Fast Big Alaska and Long Way that you can do. What’s more, you also have to know how to play this worms zone io worm game

This game is in great demand by several groups, ranging from children to adults. That’s why the Worm Zone Game is the most popular game for now.

So that the worms you play are bigger and longer, here are 5 tips for playing the worms zone which we will review in full.

The popularity of the Worm Zone cannot be underestimated. Some well-known gaming YouTubers, content creators, and others even often make tips and tricks on how to play the game.

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How to Play Worms Zone Worms 2020 Fast Big Alaska And Long

The main objective of this game is to make the worm even bigger and longer, with the aim of becoming a Global Top by continuing to grow big and long.

But all of that is not as easy as you imagine, there are some difficulties and obstacles in how to play it, which often we lose or die in the middle of the road because of hitting the opposing worms.

For that, we will discuss 5 tips on how to play Worm Zone to make it bigger and longer.

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Take All Potions

Apart from food, in playing this Worm Zone, you need to eat all the potions that are there. These Potions will help you grow faster and get bigger and get lots of points.

Some of the potions include yellow ones to zoom out layer, red blue for magnets, purple to increase the score, and green to give additional scores.

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Take a lot of coins

You have to eat the coins that are scattered in the Worm Zone area, in addition to increasing your number of coins, these coins also help you to grow faster, bigger, and longer.

Kill And Eat Other Worms

In the Worm Zone game area, later you will find a large number of other opponent worms who are ready to fight for food in the game area.

When an opposing worm dies, his body will automatically turn into an abundant treasure trove of food to form according to the length and size of the dead worm. At that time, you must immediately eat all the food before it is taken by the opposing worms that are still roaming around looking for food.

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Do not speed up often

Because walking is quite long and slow, sometimes the feeling of wanting to find shortcuts by speeding up can be done so that the movement is faster.

But unfortunately, when you are speeding, it is not uncommon for the worms you use to hit other opponent worms, and eventually die.

Or also, by doing speeding mode, the food you eat will automatically come out from the back of the tail.

Just relax, bro!

To do this game requires very high patience. If you are impatient, then you can be sure that any of the tips that we have discussed above are deemed useless and do not help you at all.

So, the key to the game from Worm Zone is to be extra patient and careful.

Those were the 5 tips that we have summarized for you on how to play the Worm Zone game tips that you really need to do when playing this game. And remember, don’t forget not to ignore the tips above.
I hope this article is useful!