How to Stalking Status on WhatsApp without Knowing the Person

WhatsApp has a feature to create a status. This feature allows users to share various information, such as text, images, videos and gifts. This status can be seen by people whose contacts are saved and they also save your contacts. Not only that, you can also specify who can see your status and hide your status from the people you want.

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This status will disappear within 24 hours of creation. You can also delete the message manually if you don’t think it’s worthy of many people’s eyes when it’s been created. You can also forward your status to people and mute the status of other people who you think are annoying.

This WhatsApp Status feature provides an opportunity to start chatting indirectly with other people. We could just ask about the status they made. The mode is disguised with whehe grayness. Sometimes we want to see the status of a person, but don’t want that person to find out. Silently observing, admiring without being caught by the term, cherish. Let’s see how to see WhatsApp status without being caught by the following person!

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  • Arrange it via the menu settings WhatsApp

The first way is to set it through settings. The trick is to select the three point in the upper right corner, then select the menu settings, then select account. Next, select the privacy menu, then uncheck the section reading confirmation. This will make other people not know if you have seen the status. However, this choice makes you also unable to know who saw your status.

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  • Using a file explorer

The second way that you can use is to use a file explorer application. Open the file explorer application on your Android, then select the WhatsApp folder. Click the three dots in the upper right corner, then select menu settings. Next, select show hidden file. Activate the menu, then open the media folder. Then, select .statuses. Well, you can see the status without having to open the WhatsApp application.

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Well, that’s how you can see the status on WhatsApp without the owner getting caught. Very useful for you admirers whehe quietly. Good luck guys!

Greetings technology!