How to use Atlas Mobile Legends (ML)

Atlas is one of the tank heroes in Mobile Legends who has high durability and has good crowd control skills. Atlas himself can easily catch his opponent using his ultimate skill. Apart from acting as a tank hero in gameplay, this hero can also be used as a good initiator to open war. This time we will review how to use Atlas Mobile Legends for you.

In order to use Atlas to the full, of course you have to understand the characteristics of this hero, starting from its strengths and weaknesses, the use of each skill, and also what battle equipment is suitable for use in a gameplay. When you can master this well, it will make it easier for you to maximize your existing potential.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss how to use Atlas Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know how to use the atlas properly and correctly in a gameplay so that its performance is maximized, let’s just look at the full explanation below!

How to Use Atlas Mobile Legends

How to use Atlas Mobile Legends (ML)

Atlas itself has four skills which are divided into passive skills and active skills. As an Atlas user, you must know each skill well in order to maximize its use. Here are the skills that Atlas has in Mobile Legends!

  • Firigid Breath (Passive Skill)

Atlas’s passive skill will create a frozen area around him after he uses his attack skill. This frozen area will have a slow effect on enemy heroes around it.

The Atlas One Skill is an attack skill that when used it will smash its hands to the ground. Deals 3 explosions which deal damage to the enemy.

Perfect match is a two Atlas skill that can be used to provide a stun effect and increase Atlas’s movement speed in gameplay.

Fatal Links is Atlas’s ultimate skill that can be used to capture many enemy heroes at once in a gameplay.

Emblem and Battle Spell Atlas Mobile Legends

How to use Atlas Mobile Legends (ML)

To make Atlas even stronger, he can use a custom tank emblem with a talent of concussive blast or tenacitiy. This will make the durability even better in gameplay.

While the battle spell suitable for Atlas is Flicker because by using this battle spel he can make it even easier to catch the opponent’s hero using his ultimate skill.

Best Build Item for Atlas Mobile Legends

In addition to using the right emblem, using the right build item will make Atlas even stronger. Recommended build items for Above include warrior boots, Dominance ice, Athena Shield, Encourage Mask, Brute Force, and also Fleeting Time. This will make Atlas even better in performance in a gameplay.

Gameplay Tips for Atlas Mobile Legends

At the time of the Early game, it is highly recommended that you use one skill first. This will make it easier for you to help clear the lane quickly. You only need to provide cover and cannot be far apart from the core hero of your team. Try to stay close to him to avoid enemy ganking attacks.

While in the mid game you have to be diligent in opening the map by passing ambush or staying silent in ambush. This is very important to do. Use every combo of Atlas skills properly to help your friends when a war occurs. Cover properly and don’t let your core hero get killed.

Try to use his ultimate skill regarding many opponent heroes, you can use two or a flicker skill to approach your opponent before using his ultimate skill. That way you will be able to maximize the use of his ultimate skills and be able to hit many opponents.

Mobile legends players can also use tips on playing atlas mobile legends to become a pro player in this legends car tank role.

So that’s an explanation of how to use the Atlas Mobile Legends that I have discussed in Esports. Apply the method above so that your Atlas performance is even more maximal in gameplay!